Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1822

Arrival of Hunter Valley land owner Lieutenant William Hicks on the Admiral Cockburn from Van Diemen's Land

Sugar Cane grown near Port Macquarie. The first planted by Captain Francis Allman the first Commandant

Signal Station on Beacon Hill at Newcastle erected by Acting Engineer Lieutenant Edward Close.

Carters Barracks in Sydney extended in 1822. Could now accommodate 200 male convicts.

A separate Barrack for 100 convict boys was contiguous to Carters Barracks. The two buildings were separated by a high wall and both were enclosed by a strong brick wall 12 feet high. William Elyard appointed first Superintendent

Survey of Newcastle by Henry Dangar commenced - Select here to see a list of buildings in Newcastle in 1822


Arrival of David Maziere on the Skelton

January 7

Arrival of Newcastle settler John Laurio Platt on the convict ship Providence II. Master James Herd. Surgeon David Reid.

January 23

Arrival of convict ship Mary II.

February 4

Arrival in Van Diemen's Land of the vessel Britomart with Hunter Valley settlers John Galt Smith, Robert and Helenus Scott

February 12

Departing for England after 11 years - Lachlan Macquarie & family on the Surrey "By eight o'clock, most of the vessels in the harbour were decorated in their accustomed costume, honorary to the occasion; and as soon as the barge, with its illustrious burden, retired from the shore, a salute of 19 guns was fired from Dawes Battery. Launches, barges, cutters, pinnaces, and wherries, were seen crowded with those who appeared determined on catching a parting glimpse of the object of their profound veneration and fondest regard, who for some time stood up, uncovered, and kept bowing adieu as he passed. Never did Sydney Cove look so attractive and gay as upon this occasion; and the shores were lined with spectators innumerable"..... Trewman's Exeter Flying Pot of Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser 11 July 1822

March 9

Arrival of convict ship Southworth. Master David Sampson. Surgeon Joseph Cook

March 9

Commercially successful honey-producing bees imported to NSW by Captain John Wallis on the convict ship Isabella

March 11

Arrival of convict ship Shipley, Master. L.W. Moncreif. Surgeon George S. Rutherford


Philip Parker King returned to Sydney after completing four voyages. Find other Maritime Explorers here

May 16

Death of pioneer brewer James Squires.  James Squire arrived on the Charlotte in 1788. He died in May 1822 and was buried in the Devonshire cemetery. The epitaph on his vault read: In sacred respect to the remains of Mr. James Squire, late of Kissing Point, who departed this life on May 16 1822 age 67 years. He arrived in the colony in the first fleet and by integrity and industry acquired and maintained an unsullied reputation. Under his care the hop plant was first cultivated in this settlement, and the first brewery was erected, which progressively matured to perfection. As a father, a husband, a friend and a Christian he lived respected, and died lamented: A second inscription on the same stone alludes to the death of James Squire, his son, who died on March 5 1826 aged 28 years.

May 19

Arrival in NSW of Captain Samuel Wright on the Richmond

May 20

Hunter Valley land owners Captain James Phillips and Dr. Francis Moran arrived on board the female convict ship Mary Anne 1


James Croft per Lady Castlereagh appointed gaol keeper at Newcastle gaol


Exploration of Moreton Bay by William Lawrence Edwardson in command of the Snapper

July 5

Agricultural society of New South Wales founded.

July 15

Arrival of convict ship Guildford. Master Magnus Johnson. Surgeon James Mitchell

July 24

Arrival of the convict ship Asia Captain Thomas L. Reid. Passengers included James Mudie, his three daughters and Miss Scargill

August 17

Eclipse of the sun

August 25

Charles Spratt, John Antonio, Henry Bridge, Daniel Clarke, Felix Patshaw, Thomas Dwyer, George Hasler, and Thomas Till were found guilty of stealing a whale boat, the property of the Crown, from the Settlement of Port Macquarie; and John Doyle, for aiding in the felony. The prisoners had been either sent from Head quarters to Port Macquarie or from Hunter River (Newcastle) to that Settlement.


Vessel 'Magnet' wrecked at Newcastle


Arrival of Leslie Duguid on board the William Shand

November 8

Arrival of Hunter Valley land owner Timothy Nowlan on board the convict ship Mangles. Captain John Coghill. 


Dismissal of Colonial Architect Francis Greenway

November 22

Arrival of convict ship Eliza 1. Master James Hunt. Surgeon William Rae

November 23

Arrival of Captain Henry Gillman in command of the Guard on the convict ship Arab from Portsmouth to Hobart and then Port Jackson

December 21

Arrival of convict ship Countess of Harcourt 2. Captain George Bunn. Surgeon Robert Armstrong