Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1825

NSW police first use black trackers and Horses Patrols to pursue absconding prisoners and Bushrangers

Employment at the Female Factory in 1825. The London Magazine

January 2

Arrival of Convict transport Ann & Amelia. Master William Ascough.

Convict Bushranger John Donohoe (Bold Jack Donohoe) arrived on board Ann & Amelia

January 18

Arrival of Artist Augustus Earle in Hobart on the Admiral Cockburn after being stranded at Tristan da Cunha

January 23

Arrival of Convict ship Grenada. Passengers included Rev. Wilkinson & family, William Ogilvie & family, D.A.C.G. Bowerman & wife and surveyor Heneage Finch.


Rev. L. Threlkeld first visited Newcastle


10,000 acres at Reid's Mistake made over for London Missionary site

February 12

First Supreme Court of NSW empanelled in Sydney

February 22

Arrival of convict transport Asia (1). Captain Thomas Stead. Surgeon James Mercer



Moreton Bay settlement moved from Redcliffe to the site of Brisbane

February 25

Execution of Aborigine Musquito in VDL....Hobart Town Gazette

February 27

Arrival of Convict ship Henry. Master James Ferrier. Surgeon William Bell Carlyle.


Establishment of penal settlement on Maria Island, Tasmania

March 17

First St. Patrick Day races on Old South Head Road near Bellevue Hill

March 18

Formation of Sydney's first race club, the Sydney Turf Club


Church services at Newcastle held in the barracks as the church was in disrepair

April 3

Arrival of Ships Hugh Crawford and Nimrod from London. Chartered by Thomas Potter MacQueen. Macqueen's agent Peter McIntyre passenger on board

April 22

Arrival of Hooghley, Captain P.J. Reeves, from Cork with 193 male prisoners. Guard - Captain Logan, Ensign Taylor and 35 men of 57th Regiment & Mrs. Logan and family.

Aril 29

Arrival of Convict ship Royal Charlotte - Captain G.C. Corbyn.

April 29

Arrival of Asia (111) Captain Pope


William Powditch opening Stores at Newcastle

May 7

Arrival of convict ship Hercules . Captain William Vaughan.

Superintendent of Police Francis Rossi arrived on the Hercules.

May 7

Convict pirates Seized the vessel Eclipse at Newcastle and made their escape from the colony. They were never heard from again.

May 14

Arrival of Augustus Earle in Sydney on the brig Cyprus.

May 19

Francis N. Rossi appointed Superintendent of Police in New South Wales


Vessel 'Nereid' wrecked 10 miles north of Newcastle


Norfolk Island re-opened as a penal settlement for incorrigible convicts.

June 2

Sydney Chamber of Commerce established

June 14

Alexander McLeay, Esq., appointed Colonial Secretary NSW

June 14

Appointment of William Lithgow as Auditor of General Accounts


489 bankrupts gazetted in the colony in the half year ending June 1825


Australian Agricultural Company given 31 year lease of coal mines at Newcastle


July 102

Arrival of the convict ship Mariner. Captain William Fotherley

July - August

Bushrangers Jacob's Mob (Jacob's Irish Brigade) active in Hunter River district

Two Years in New South Wales  - A Series of Letters, Comprising Sketches of the Actual State of Society in that Colony, By Peter Miller Cunningham



George Muir appointed Chief Constable at Newcastle

August 18

Arrival of Convict ship Norfolk, Captain Alexander Greig.

August 22

Arrival of Minstrel convict ship. Master Charles Arcoll, Surgeon Hugh Walker.


Exploration of Brisbane River by Edmund Lockyer

September 4

Arrival ofconvict ship Lonach in Port Jackson

October 3

57th regt. sent to Newcastle on the brig Amity under command of Captain Heaviside to relieve the Buffs (3rd regt.,)

November 13

Arrival of the York, Captain Moncrief. On board Australian Agricultural Company Agent Robert Dawson and other Company employees

November 15

Arrival of ship Brothers, Captain Motley. Surveyor John Armstrong, and other Australian Agricultural Company employees on board

November 22

First postal act passed

December 1

Governor Brisbane and family departed Australia for Europe on the Mary Hope

Lieutenant-Colonel William Stewart appointed Administrator of the colony until 18 December

December 3

Van Diemen's Land declared a separate colony

December 3

Arrival of Henry Porcher Captain John Thompson.


Arrival of Catherine Stewart Forbes - passengers His Excellency Lieutenant General Ralph Darling; Captain Dumaresq; Lieutenant Stoddart.

Lieutenant General Ralph Darling - Governor from December 1825 - 21 October 1831

December 17

Arrival of convict ship Midas with female prisoners. Master James Baigrie. Surgeon Charles Cameron.

December 20

First Executive Council of NSW appointed

December 23

Surveyor Heneage Finch arrived in Newcastle from Sydney by crossing the Hawkesbury River at Wiseman's Farm


Henry Dumaresq appointed Clerk to the Executive Council

December 24

Captain William Dumaresq appointed to temporary charge of Civil Engineers Dept.


Brig 'Elizabeth Henrietta' wrecked at Newcastle. Sea Grave Yard

December 25

Riot in the Streets of Newcastle. Prisoner William Finnegan stabbed with a bayonet.