Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1824

Stagecoach service extended :

A Stage coach, with four horses, has recently commenced running daily between Sydney and Parramatta, leaving Sydney in the morning and returning in the evening; while a handsome two horse spring caravan, fitted up for passengers, leaves Parramatta in the morning and returns in the evening. These conveyances were paying so well, that a second caravan was preparing to run between Sydney and Parramatta daily; a third between Parramatta and Liverpool, and a stage coach between Parramatta and Windsor; so that now travellers may proceed by daily stages to all the well settled parts of the Colony. - The Morning Chronicle 21 June 1824

January 15

Convict ship Castle Forbes arrived in N.S.W. Convict Patrick Riley became the leader of bushranging gang Jacob's Irish Brigade in 1825


Hunter Valley settlers William Bradridge, Joseph Brooks Weller and the Sparke family arrive in Hobart on board the Aguilar.

February 11

St. James' Church, Sydney consecrated by Samuel Marsden.

February 24

Arrival of Engineer John Busby on the Triton with wife and son James Busby. Also on board the Triton William Kelman.

March 5

48th Regiment embarked for Madras

March 5

Arrival of convict ship Guildford Passengers James Glennie and Sir Francis Forbes, first Chief Justice of N.S.W.

March 7

Death of the wife of Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld at Raiatea

April 5

Arrival in Sydney on board the Hibernia of first Colonial Treasurer William Balcombe and Attorney General Saxe Bannister

May 7

Arrival of the convict ship Brothers. Master Charles Motley. Surgeon Superintendent James Hall R.N

May 10

Supreme court of Van Diemen's Land opened

May 17

Charter of Justice promulgated by Chief Justice of Supreme court of NSW


Australian Agricultural Company formed in London to develop pastoral activities in NSW

June 16

Former Judge of the Supreme Court Barron Field arrived off the Isle of Wight in the Competitor. Came by Cape Horn calling at St. Salvadore for supplies. The Competitor's cargo included colonial timber, seal skins, elephant oil, and 280 bales of wool


Foundation of Scots Church Sydney

July 1

Death of Lachlan Macquarie

At the instance of D'Arcy Wentworth, the principal surgeon, and John Piper, the naval officer, Gov. Macquarie had been presented with a gold cup of the value of one hundred and fifty guineas subscribed by the colonists. He sailed from the colony in February 1822 and two years after his arrival in London he died at Duke Street, St. James, on the 1st July 1824. He was buried in a mausoleum on the island of Mull. (HRA Series 1, Vol. VIII, p. xviii) Macquarie's Mausoleum

July 12

Arrival in Sydney of convict ship Countess of Harcourt

July 15

Arrival of convict ship Prince Regent, Captain Alexander Wales.


Governor Brisbane instigates system for the sale of Crown land


Martial law declared in Bathurst district after attacks by Aborigines


Bee Hives to Sydney 1824 in the Convict Ship Phoenix

August 7

Arrival of the ship Prince Regent. David Thompson surgeon-superintendent

August 18

Rev. Thomas Reddall appointed Director General of Government Public Schools NSW

August 20

Arrival of convict ship Almorah. Captain George Hay Boyd. Surgeon Morgan Price

August 20

Arrival of London Missionary Society deputation - Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennett

August 25

Legislative council of NSW meets for the first time.


John Stephen appointed Solicitor General, Commissioner of the court of Requests.


Temporary Penal settlement at Moreton Bay (Redcliffe) selected by John Oxley and a detachment of 40th Regiment under Lieut Henry Miller.

September 26

Fort Dundas, Melville Island settlement founded by Captain James Bremer

September 28

Currency Act passed by First Legislative Council of NSW

October 2

Thomas Hobbes Scott first Church of England Archdeacon of NSW


Introduction of Trial by jury for civil proceedings at Quarter Sessions


Freedom of the Press recognised

October 3

Hamilton Hume and William Hovell leave to find overland route to Port Philip

October 14

The Australian newspaper (editors William Charles Wentworth and Dr. R. Wardell) established in Sydney

October 27

Arrival of Convict ship Mangles. John Coghill master; Surgeon John Crockett

October 27

40th Regiment to relieve 3rd Regiment


First Civil Jury empanelled

November 17

Discovery of Hume (Murray) river by Hume and Hovell

November 19

Arrival of convict ship Minerva in N.S.W.

December 20

Rev. M.D. Meares appointed Senior Assistant Chaplain N.S.W


Lord Liverpool established as trading vessel between Sydney and Newcastle


Arrival in Corio Bay, Port Phillip of Hume and Hovell


News of the death of Governor Macquarie reached Australia