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Author Title   Abbreviation
  Historic Australian Newspapers (NLA Beta)    
Swancott, C Blue Gum Flat to Budgewoi, ( 1963)    
Swancott, C The Brisbane Water Story, Part 3, Enchanted Waters. 1961   Enchanted Waters
  Burial Register , Newcastle

Burial Register, Glebe Cemetery, East Maitland (St. Peter's)

Backhouse, James
A Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies
Backhouse, James Extracts from the letters of James Backhouse: whilst engaged in a Religious Visit to Van Diemen's Land, New South Wales & South Africa accompanied by George Washington Walker, London 1842, Volume 1   James Backhouse
  Butterworths Court Records See Superior Courts of NSW    
  Index to the Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788 - 1825   CSI
  Bound manuscript indents, 17881842.  State Records Authority of New South Wales, Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia

Annotated printed indents  State Records Authority of New South Wales, Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia.

  General Return of Convicts in New South Wales, 1837, Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record, Sydney, 1987, ISBN 0 949032 04 2   GRC
  Government Gazette   GG
  Hunter River Gazette   HRG
  Maitland Mercury   MM
Maitland Sesquicentenary Committee Maitland - A Town to be Laid Out, 1829 - 1979    
von Hugel, Baron Charles

Dymphna Clark (trans. and ed.), Baron Charles von Hugel, New Holland Journal November 1833-October 1834, Miegunyah Press, 1994


Simpson, I.M., Pioneers of a Great Valley, 1972    
  Raymond Terrace 150th anniversary celebrations September 1951   RT 150th Anniversary
Raymond Terrace Historical Society 1992 Raymond Terrace Pioneer Cemetery   RTC
Clouten, Keith H., Reid's mistake; the story of Lake Macquarie from its discovery until 1890. Boolaroo NSW; Lake Macquarie Shire Council, 1967   RM
  Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales 1788 - 1899   sc
  Sydney Gazette   SG
  Sydney Herald (1831 - 1842)    
  Sydney Morning Herald (1842 - 1954)   SMH
  Census of New South Wales. 1828   1828 Census
  1841 Census Index    
Milliss, Roger Waterloo Creek : the Australia Day massacre of 1838, McPhee Gribble, Melbourne.   WC
Silva, Lynette The battle of Vinegar Hill 1804 : Australia's Irish rebellion. Sydney, Doubleday, 1989   BVH
  Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary    
  Principal Superintendent of Convicts Assignment Register   AR
  Magistrates Bench Books, 13 May 1833 - 13 May 1835 (AONSW Reel 2721, Volume SZ80),  9 Jun 1835-11 Mar 1836, AONSW Reel 2722

13 December 1836 - December 1838 AONSW Reel 2722

  Newcastle Gaol Description Books - 1832 - 1848
(AONSW Reels 758-9)
  Early Days of Port Stephens - Extracts from Sir Edward Parry's Diary. Dungog Chronicle   Early Days of Port Stephens
Windross & Ralston Historical Records of Newcastle 1797 - 1897   HRN
  Sydney Monitor (1828 - 1838)

Sydney Monitor (1838 - 1841)

  The Atlas Sydney Journal of Politics, Commercial &Literature   Atlas
Pemberton, P.A  Pure merinos and others: the "shipping lists" of the Australian Agricultural Company, Canberra: Australian National University, Archives of Business and Labour, 1986


  Pure Merinos
Macqueen, Andy Blue Mountains to Bridgetown, The Life and journeys of Barrallier 1773 - 1853   Barrallier
Turner, J.W Manufacturing in Newcastle, 1801 - 1900. Newcastle History Monographs No 8. Newcastle Public Library 1980   Manufacturing in Newcastle
  The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London    
  Commercial Journal and Advertiser   CJ
Parkes W.S Landholders of Greater Cessnock 1821 - 1856   Cessnock Landholders
  'The Australian'    
Brabazon, H.L Brabazon's New South Wales Directory 1843, Sydney 1843   Brabazon
  Parish Registers, Newcastle Diocese   PR
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Muswellbrook Shire Council The History of Muswellbrook    
  Colonial Secretary's Out Letters re Convicts 1832 -1833. A.O. 10   46   6/6007   CSOL
Swancott, Charles Gosford and The Kendall Country Published 1953 Second Edition 1966
  Gosford and The Kendall Country
Flynn, Michael The Second Fleet: Britain's Grim Convict Armada of 1790. Sydney, Library of Australian History, 1993   The Second Fleet
  The Weekly Register    
  True Sun and New South Wales Independent Press    
  The Dispatch    
  Free Press and Commercial Journal   FP
  The Examiner    
Robson, L.L The Convict Settlers of Australia. Melbourne University Press, Carlton vic., 1970   Convict Settlers
Roderick, Colin John Knatchbull, From Quarterdeck to Gallows, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1963   John Knatchbull
  Glory Be; Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Opening of the First Wesleyan Chapel in Newcastle, 1945   Wesleyan Chapel
  Government Gazette   GG
Turner, John Newcastle as a Convict Settlement: The Evidence before J. T. Bigge in 1819 - 1821   Convict Settlement
Hall, Barbara Of Infamous Character, Barbara Hall, Sydney,2004   Boddington
Smee, Dr. C.J Fourth Fleet Families of Australia   Fourth Fleet
Mackanass A New Song made in New South Wales for the Rebellion   New Song
Gunson, Niel Australian Reminiscences & Papers of L.E. Threlkeld, Missionary to the Aborigines, 1824 - 1859., vol 2,   Threlkeld
Dunson, Niel Australian Reminiscences & Papers of L.E. Threlkeld, Missionary to the Aborigines, 1824 - 1859., vol 1   Australian Reminiscences & Papers of L.E. Threlkeld
  Colonial Observer   CO
  Registers of convicts' applications to marry, 20 Dec 1825-26 Feb 1851. Microfiche copy SR Fiche 780-802   Application to Marry
  National Archives of Ireland   NAI
Sharp, Ian The Wolston Story, National Trust of Queensland 1998 p22   Wolston
  Historical Records of New South Wales   HR NSW
  Historical Records of Australia   HRA
  D. Collins, An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, from its First Settlement, in January 1788, to August 1801: with Remarks on the Dispositions, Customs, Manners, Etc of the Native Inhabitants of that Country, London, 1802, Vol. 1   Collins
  History of the British Colonies By Robert Montgomery Martin   Robert Martin
  The Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux   Vaux
Gray, Nancy St. Lukes Church Scone. A Walk Round the Church Yard, Published by Scone & Upper Hunter Historical Society, Scone, 1985   A Walk Round the Church Yard
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  Archives Office of NSW, Convict Death Register Fiche No. 749   CDR
  Archive Office of NSW, Reel 2722 1836- 1838. Newcastle Gaol Entrance Books   NGE
Google Books Gentlemen's Magazine 1839   GM
  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine    
  Every Day Book of History    
  1837 - 1838 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Register Book of Christ Church [Cathedral], Newcastle    
  Register Book of Christ Church [Cathedral] Newcastle Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1826 to May 1837    
  Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1856 - 1868    
  Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1869 - 1885    
  1820 to 1890 Family Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.    

1839 - 1861 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Register Book of Christ Church

[Cathedral] Newcastle Baptisms, 1839 - 1861 Marriages, 1839 - Feb 1855 and Burials 1839 - 1854

  Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825 University of Newcastle    
  Church of England Burials Register Book 1821 - 1825 - University of Newcastle    
  Australian Almanac 1863    
Robert Montgomery Martin History of the British Colonies    
  Australian Almanac & Directory 1835 (O'Shaunessy)    
Morpeth Progress Association 1971 The Morpeth Story    
  The Monthly Magazine    
  Colonial Secretary Electoral Rolls   ER
  Moreton Bay Courier    
  The Courier (Hobart)    
  Brisbane Courier    
Wood, W. Allan Dawn in the Valley, The Early History of the Hunter Valley Settlement    
Kent, David; Townsend, Norma The Convicts of the Eleanor; Protest in Rural England, New Lives in Australia, 2002 ISBN 1-86403-172-7   Convicts of the Eleanor
Edited by Maitland Family History Circle 2001 Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register    
  The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Advertiser    
Fulton, Pamela Jeanne., Ed., The Minerva Journal of John Washington Price. A Voyage from Cork, Ireland to Sydney NSW 1798 - 1800   The Minerva Journal
  Index to Colonial Secretary Letters to Sheriff 5 July 1828 - 31 December 1850    
William Brown, Adam Clarke The History of Missions    
James Carmichael Smyth A Description of Jail distemper as it appeared among Spanish prisoners    
  Memorials of the Rev. Edward Griffith by his daughter, Brisbane, 1892    
  United Services Magazine    
Wood, W. Allan The Contribution of the Hunter Valley to the Development of New England, Armidale and District Historical Society., Journal and Proceedings No. 18 January 1975   Development of New England
  In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 1, December 1829 - June 1832    
  In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 2, June 1832 - March 1834    
Henry Buckler Central Criminal Court - Minutes of Evidence    
Church Missionary Society Missionary Register    
  The Law Journal for the year 1832 - 1949    
  Parliamentary Papers Great Britain. Extracts of a despatch from Major-General Burke addressed to Mr. Secretary Stanley 15 January 1834   Secondary Punishment
  Parliamentary Papers Great Britain. Volume 26   Parliamentary papers by Great British Parliament
  National Archives, Kew    
  The Nile Register    
  The Naval Chronicle. Portsmouth Report    
  Return of Corporal Punishment, Parramatta 1833   Parliamentary Papers
  29th Report of British and Foreign Bible Society 1833    
Maitland City Council Maitland Burial Records    
  Dodsley's Annual Register    
State Library of Victoria Government Gazettes 1836 - 1839   GG
  Maitland Quarter Sessions February 1830 - August 1832    
State Records of NSW Persons on bounty ships (Agent's Immigrant Lists), 1838-96 ; Persons on bounty ships arriving at Port Phillip, 1839-51  and Germans on bounty ships, 1849-52.    
  The Asiatic Journal and monthly Register    
AO NSW Colonial Secretary: Misc records re convicts, criminal & legal matters. List of assigned convicts who are not mechanics 1822 - 25 4/4570D pp1-88    List of assigned convicts who are not mechanics 1822 - 25 4/4570D pp1-88
AO NSW Colonial Secretary: Special Bundle: Hunter River - Return of land cleared and other improvements made by emancipated and free settlers 1823 (4/77029E)   AO NSW Fiche 3264
  The Gentleman's Magazine Volume 96 part 2    
  Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the colony of New South Wales - Morisset    
  A List of Officers in the Army British War Office 1837    
  A List of Officers in the Army British War Office 1821    
  A List of Officers in the Army British War Office 1824    
  British and Foreign State Papers    
  Picture Australia    
Cultural Collections University of Newcastle The Diary of Charles George Gray    
  Historical Notices of several rebellions and disturbances   Historical Notices
  Parliamentary Papers volume 266    
G. Paterson The History of New South Wales    
  National Gallery of Australia    
Cultural Collections University of Newcastle 1871 Parish of St. John's Newcastle Census    
  New South Wales Post Office Directory    
  Bedford Gaol Register    
  The Scottish Jurist    
  The proceedings of the court-martial of Captain Watkins    
  Royal Military Chronicle    
  United Service Magazine Volume 50    
Family History Society, Singleton 1989 Singleton District Pioneer Register - Contains Genealogical Details of Pioneer Families in the Singleton District pre 1900   Singleton Pioneer Register

The Annual Register Volume 63 by Edmund Burke

  The Annual Register 1830    
Penny Russell This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney - Lady Jane Griffith Franklin   This errant lady
Compiled by Dr. C.J. Smee & Mrs. Selkirk Provis The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111    
George Farwell Squatter's Castle. The Story of A Pastoral Dynasty. Life and times of Edward David Stewart Ogilvie 1814 - 96, Lansdowne Press Pty Ltd., 1973   Squatter's Castle
  World Corporation Punishment Research   UK Naval Flogging 1813
  The United Service Journal Part 3    
  First Families 2001    
  Baillier's Post Office Directory 1867    

Excursions in New South Wales, Western Australia, and Van Diemen's Land ...By William Henry Breton

Gwendoline Griffin and Ronald Howell Port MacQuarie Historical Society Inc. 1996 Uptin Print 16-20 Milton Circuit Port MacQuarie N.S.W 2444 Port Macquarie The Windingsheet    

B C Jones  &  A C Eyers

Ourimbah, History of a New South Wales Timber Town to 1930

  Online microfilm of shipping Lists. State Library of NSW    
  Centenary History of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales    
James Backhouse

The life and labours of George Washington Walker, of Hobart Town, Tasmania

  Glennridding Uniting Church Cemetery    
  Jerry's Plains Old Anglican Cemetery    
  Bandon Grove Cemetery    
  Bishops Bridge Anglican Cemetery    
  Branxton Catholic Cemetery    
  Branxton General Cemetery at Australian Cemeteries Index    
  Honeysuckle Cemetery    
  Newcastle Anglican Cathedral Cemetery    
  Clarencetown General Cemetery    
  East Maitland Anglican Cemetery    
  Five Months at Anzac by John Lieversley Beeston    
  Index to map of the country bordering upon the River Hunter... by Henry Dangar (London : Joseph Cross, 1828    
  Directory: Dublin Apothecaries 1791 1829    
  1788 1820 Association's Pioneer Register. Volume 1. Containing Genealogical Details of 500 Pioneers. Compiled by Dr. C.J. Smee, Mrs. J. Selkirk Provis    
Compiled by Dr. C.J. Smee & Mrs. J. Selkirk Provis The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111, 1988    
  Surgeons at Sea - The National Archives    
  Responsible Government in NSW 1856 - 2006    
  State Records of NSW - Online Microfilm of Shipping Lists    
  Greville's Postal Directory 1872 - Newcastle    
  Source: alphabetical list of burials Newcastle: Newcastle City Council, 1967.    
  Convict Records Index    
  Index to Convict Pardons    
  Bench of Magistrate Cases 1788 - 1820    
  Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie Archive Online    
W.H. Shaw The Newcastle Directory 1880/ 1881.    
  The History of Windeymere House    
Walker, R.B., University of New England Old New England: A History of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales 1818 - 1900, Sydney University Press, 1966   Old New England
  Australian Autobiographical Narrative to 1850    
  Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Times    
  Cemetery Inscriptions in Sydney Branch Genealogical Library 1800 - 1960 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

  Australian Births and Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records    
  Australian Marriages 1810 - 1980 - FamilySearch Historical Records    
  Australian Deaths 1816 - 1980 - FamilySearch Historical Records    
  Welcome to Tabulam    
  Lancaster Castle Convict database    
William Henry Wells A Geographical Dictionary or Gazeteer of the Australian Colonies    
  November Marriages - Cornwall 1838 - Online    
State Records of NSW Registry of Flash Men    
  Australian History Catalogue online    
  Lincolnshire Convict Database    
  Old Christ Church Cemetery - King Street, Newcastle. Grave Inscriptions    
  Foxearth and District Local History Society    
  Raymond Terrace and District Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 5, No. 1, October 1981.    
  Cumberland & Westmorland Newspaper Transcriptions    
  National Archives of Ireland Transportation database    
  Irish Family Memorial Site    

[Inscriptions from] Muswellbrook General Cemetery and Camberwell, St. Clements C. of E. transcribed by H. Ashford, S. Barwick and A.J. Gray

  General muster list of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825 / edited by Carol J. Baxter. Sydney, 1999    
  A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall. edited by Joseph Poluse - St. Neots    
  Accounts and Papers of the House of Commons - Lower Hunter    
Denis Darmanin Memorial  and Biography of Lieutenant Scheberras    
  Memoirs of hydrography:  including brief biographies of the principal officers who have served in H.M. Naval Surveying Service between the years 1750 and 1885 (Google eBook   Memoirs of hydrography
Babette Smith A Cargo of Women - Susannah Watson and the Convicts of the Princess Royal   A Cargo of Women
  Bedfordshire Gaol Register    
Muswellbrook & Upper Hunter Historical Society 1988 Biographical Register of Muswellbrook & District, Vol 1    
 New South Wales, Australia, Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788-1825 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc, 2010. Original data: New South Wales Government. Main series of letters received, 1788-1825. Series 897, Reels 6041-6064, 6071-6072. State Records Authority of New South Wales. Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia.   Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly return of Corporal Punishments
Smee Dr. C.J Convict Families That Made Australia., Volume 1, 1999  ISBN 0 949 345 31 8   Convict Families That Made Australia - Smee
  Travels in NSW - Alexander Marjoribanks    
George Rude Rude, George F.E. Protest and Punishment: The Story of the Social and Political Protesters Transported to Australia, 1788-1868    
  King Plates: A History of Aboriginal Gorgets By Jakelin Troy    
  New South Wales,  NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)    
  State Records of New South Wales. Colonial Secretary's Records. Special Bundles 1794 - 1825    


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