Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1828

A New South Wales holey dollar, the first distinct currency of Australia. Reverse side. State Library NSW State Library NSW.
New South Wales holey dollar, the first distinct currency of Australia was withdrawn from circulation in 1828

January 3

Arrival of Convict Ship Florentia, Captain Billett. Surgeon Superintendent James Dickson

January 12

Arrival from Cork of the convict ship Elizabeth . Surgeon Superintendent Joseph Hughes

January 13

Arrival of the convict ship Marquis of Huntley. Master William Ascough . Surgeon-Superintendent John Smith

February 8

Arrival of the vessel Ellen from London. Passengers included Henry Donnison, wife and two children; E. Nunn; Mr. and Mrs Chapman. Steerage, Robert Wright, Henry Hawden and William Wake

February 24

Arrival of convict ship Hooghley, Captain Reeves. Surgeon-Superintendent Alexander Nisbet

February 27

Westernport settlement abandoned

March 1

Post offices opened at Parramatta, Windsor, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Penrith, Bathurst, and Newcastle; Australia's first postman appointed in Sydney, a twice-weekly horse post established between principal towns.

March 3

Arrival of convict ship Morley, Captain Williams. Surgeon Peter Cunningham. The Morley brought whooping cough to the colony. Immediate quarantine did not prevent the disease from spreading throughout the colony causing the death of many children.

March 10

Postmaster appointed in Newcastle and'regular sea postal service commenced between Sydney, Newcastle, Port Macquarie and Hobart

March 13

Arrival of the Convict ship Asia 1. Surgeon-Superintendent James McTernan

March 19

Steam boats discussed for use at Newcastle and Hunter River


Death of an infant child of Lieutenant Sweeney near Cottage Creek at Newcastle

April 2

Death of Charles Throsby at his estate Glenfield

April 18

Woodlark wrecked in Torres Straits under Captain G.A. Leary. Six drowned. Survivors given food and shelter by Captain Logan and family at the Moreton Bay settlement. They arrived back in Sydney late June.

April 21

Brick house built by William Powditch at Newcastle offered for sale. (Newly erected and situated near the wharf in the main street. Builtat an expense of £1200 and said to be well situated for an Inn) More about Watt St. Newcastle

April 23

Formation of Australian Racing and Jockey club

May 8

John Erskine appointed Clerk to the Bench of Magistrates at Newcastle. Previously held position of Superintendent of convicts at Norfolk Island for two years

May 26

John Oxley, Surveyor general of Colony died 'after a long course of bodily infirmity'

May 28

Thomas Livingstone Mitchell appointed Surveyor-General of New South Wales following the death of John Oxley


The coal mine at Newcastle, commenced c. 1818, had completely fallen in and was abandoned. A new mine opened yielding 15 tons per day.

June 2

Arrival of convict ship Mangles from Dublin. Captain William Carr. Surgeon Superintendent Harman Cochrane. R.N.

June 5

Sloop Dove wrecked at Port Stephens. Master William Vurrell. Owned by Thomas Street of Darling Harbour. The master, a seaman, a Newcastle constable and a prisoner of the Crown after suffering great privations were brought into Newcastle by Natives. 7 lives lost including 2 seamen, a free man John Delaney and 4 prisoners of the Crown.

July 10

Masters' and Servants' Act passed in New South Wales.

July 11

Court-martial of Captain Robert Robinson of the Veterans for libel against Governor Darling

July 12

Arrival of convict transport Borodino . Surgeon-Superintendent George Thompson

July 14

Arrival of the convict ship Phoenix I under Master Thomas Curzons. Surgeon Superintendent William Bell Carlyle, R.N..

July 25

Arnold Fisk appointed Pilot and landing waiter at Newcastle in the room of Messrs John Rush Moore and William Eckford, resigned

July 26

Arrival of Bussorah Merchant, Captain Baigrie.

July 30

Capt. James Stirling, having returned to England, urged the Colonial Office to form a colony on the Swan River.


Bussorah Merchant placed in quarantine due to outbreak of smallpox. Military Guard and convicts landed and encamped on the North side of the Harbour and the schooner Alligator stationed adjoining to as a Hospital Ship


Publication of Henry Dangar's Map of the Hunter and its branches by Joseph Cross, London

August 3

Whooping cough causes many deaths including Edward the infant son of Governor Darling on 3rd August

August 3

Captain Patrick Logan and Allan Cunningham climb Mount Lindesay (now Mount Barney) and sight and name the Macpherson Range.

August 17

Terence Rooney a newly arrived convict by the Borodino fatally wounded at George St. Sydney by a soldier of the Garrison. £100 reward offered for information leading to perpetrator's conviction for murder. In September John Geason, soldier, was sentenced to transportation for life for the murder.

August 25

Allan Cunningham determines access to the Darling Downs through Cunningham's Gap.

September 8

Arrival of the convict ship Countess of Harcourt Captain Harrison. Surgeon Superintendent John Drummond

September 13

Bank of Australia in George Street, Sydney robbed. Entry gained through a nine foot thick foundation wall reached by excavating through a drain that had been opened on the opposite side of the street. Reward of £100 offered for information leading to discovery of robbers

September 13

Capt. Collet Barker arrives at Raffles Bay to take over command of the settlement.

September 17

Holey dollars withdrawn from circulation


Escape attempt from Newcastle Gaol. Prisoners had attempted to excavate underground.

October 10

Arrival of the convict ship Competitor from London. Master John Stewart.

October 12

Arrival of the convict ship Marquis of Hastings, Captain Drake. Surgeon-Superintendent William Rae.


Census taken in November. Population 36, 598


Captain Robert Hunt of 57th Regt., appointed Commandant at Norfolk Island

November 3

Ship Magnet arrived in New South Wales with employees and servants of the Australian Agricultural Company - John Edward Stacey, John Hallam, Thomas Hewitt, Thomas Laman, Thomas Sawkins, John Swayne.

November 3

Arrival of convict ship Albion. Surgeon Superintendent Thomas Logan R.N.

November 10

Charles Sturt with Hamilton Hume and a party leave Sydney to trace the course of the Macquarie River.

November 12

Convict transport City of Edinburgh, Captain James R. Glendon . Surgeon-Superintendent William Anderson

November 17

Announcement of the first Provincial Bank established in the Colony, under the title of the Bank of Newcastle

November 18

Arrival of the convict ship Eliza III . Surgeon Superintendent James Patton

November 24

Arrival of the convict ship Royal George . Master Robert Embledon. Surgeon- Superintendent William Gregor

December 27

Arrival of architect John Verge on board the Clarkstone. Land grant at Dungog - Lyndhurst vale

December 30

Stirling given instructions to occupy the Swan River area and officially appointed Lt-Governor of WA.


George Wyndham established Dalwood vineyards on land previously belonging to David Maziere in 1828