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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
38167 McGuinness Constable - 1848 5 February Maitland MM
  Found Edward McCue who had previously assaulted him asleep in a lucerne paddock and apprehended him
41296 McGuinness Constable - 1848 10 May Morpeth MM
  Assaulted by Alexander Summers. Reproved by the Bench for drunking with men in a public house
44876 McGuinness Constable - 1848 2 September Morpeth MM
  'Clutched by the hair, kicked and buffeted about without mercy' by Jemima Norwood.
46237 McGuinness Constable - 1848 4 October Maitland MM
  Charged Thomas Ryan with allowing liquor to be consumed in his house after hours
49365 McGuinness Constable - 1848 22 November - MM
  Captured runaway horse belonging to Joseph Hicks
54891 McGuinness Constable - 1843 22 July Maitland MM
  Arrested 5 men for stealing pigs from John Eales farm
59846 McGuinness Constable - 1849 24 November Maitland MM
  Runaway from Van Diement's Land, Patrick Mason apprehended by McGuinness
72394 McGuinness Constable - 1850 31 January Morpeth MM
  Arrested Francis Murray and James Carey who creating a disturbance in Morpeth
84671 McGuinness Constable - 1851 30 July Morpeth MM
  Apprehended William Johnstone for robbing his master Captain Griffin
87205 McGuinness Constable - 1851 20 December Maitland MM
  Reprimanded by the coroner for being intoxicated at the inquest on the body of Emily Lamb
53622 McGuinness Constable James - 1849 28 April Morpeth MM
  Apprehended James Oman for theft of a saddle
55536 McGuinness Constable James - 1849 26 May Hinton MM
  Witness in court case of Cornelious Mayall
75202 McGuinness Constable James - 1850 15 June Morpeth MM
  Apprehended John Lyons for vagrancy
75437 McGuinness Constable James - 1850 7 August Maitland MM
  Charles Carney fined 40s for assaulting McGuinness by kicking, striking and tearing his shirt and neckerchief while being taken to the lockup for drunkenness
78956 McGuinness Constable James - 1850 25 September Morpeth MM
  Charged Thomas Elms with keeping a disorderly house. Could not be proved that the house was used as a brothel. Case dismissed
79523 McGuinness Constable James - 1850 30 October Maitland MM
  Charged with neglect of duty and drunkenness by Constable Lennard. Case dismissed by the bench.
82669 McGuinness Constable James - 1851 26 March Maitland MM
  Charged Wiliam Cheater with assault. Case dismissed
85473 McGuinness Constable James - 1851 3 September Maitland MM
  Witness at the trial of Henry Pasley
85781 McGuinness Constable James - 1851 13 September Maitland MM
  Apprehended William Batsell for gambling on the racecourse with a 'pea and thimble gambling board'
87230 McGuinness Constable James - 1851 24 December Morpeth MM
  Suspended from duty pending an inquiry into his conduct at Morpeth when he appeared too intoxicated to perform his duties
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