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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
93227 Sullivan Eliza Edward 1829 1831 10 March - NGE
  Native of Dublin. Servant. Sentenced to 1mth in 2nd class female factory by Maitland Bench for being pregnant. Forwarded to Sydney gaol per Caledonia schooner 16 March. Orderly conduct in Newcastle gaol
107948 Sullivan Eliza Edward 1829 1831 21 October Newcastle NGE
  Servant from Ireland. Admitted to Newcastle gaol under sentence of 3 mths to 3rd class female factory. Sent to Syney 26 October
175097 Sullivan Elizabeth Edward 1829 - - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 671
  Age 20. Native place Dublin. Bonnet maker. Tried 10 January 1827 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing clothes. Two prior convictions.