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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
33156 McDougal Robert - 1847 24 July Morpeth MM
  Licence for the Morpeth Hotel transferred from John Anlaby to McDougal
36194 McDougal Robert - 1847 16 October Morpeth MM
  Edward Cheetham indicted for attempting to set fire to McDougal's stable
40652 McDougal Robert - 1848 19 April Morpeth Road MM
  Application for licence for Morpeth Hotel refused by the Bench
51579 McDougal Robert - 1847 7 August Morpeth MM
  Late engineer of the Thistle steamer. Taking over the Morpeth Hotel occupied for many years by Capt. John Anlaby
33285 McDougall Robert - 1847 31 July Morpeth MM
  Previously Principal Engineer of the 'Thistle' steamer. Now proprietor of the Morpeth Hotel
34476 McDougall Robert - 1847 25 August Maitland MM
  Made donation towards building a Presbyterian Church and School House
41306 McDougall Robert - 1848 10 May Morpeth MM
  Applicantion for publican's licence for Morpeth Hotel refused by the Bench
57176 McDougall Robert Lovell - 1849 8 August - MM
  Accused Richard and William Swan and Thomas Spark of assault. Case dismissed
57429 McDougall Robert Lovell - 1849 22 August Lemon Grove, Patterson's Plains MM
  Bond over to keep the peace for 12mths after an altercation with John Swan
59164 McDougall Robert Lovell - 1849 17 October Lemongrove MM
  Witness at trial of Thomas Sparke