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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
63515 Lingard (Lugard) Lieutenant - 1838 19 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
  Assigned servants Edward Black and Patrick Kenny charged with disorderly conduct and admonished
176881 Lugard Captain Henry - 31 May 1845 No. 7 Catherine Place, Limerick SMH
  wife of Captain H.Lugard, Royal Engineers gave birth to a son on 2nd January 1845
132124 Lugard Colonel - 1859 12 January Lucknow The Moreton Bay Courier, Brisbane
  Colonel Lugard promoted to the rank of Major-General for his services at Lucknow
132123 Lugard Colonel Henry Williamson - 1889 17 August St. Columba's Church, London The Argus (Melbourne)
  Marriage of Colonel Edward J. Lugard, of the King's Own Regiment, eldest son of the late Colonel Henry Williamson Lugard, Royal Engineers, and Una, eldest daughter of the late Donal Mackinnon of Victoria, Australia
94230 Lugard E - 1852 1 September East Maitland MM
  Unclaimed letter in General Post Office, Sydney
150472 Lugard First Lieutenant Henry Williamson - 1841 25 May - SH
  On list of Military Officers on duty in NSW in 1841. Entered the army 29th May 1832.
140154 Lugard Henry - 1838 26 December Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
  James Ryan, William Blake and Peter Fleming all assigned to Henry Lugard sentenced to 50 lashes each for being absent from their Master's farm without a pass. Found in a public house on the Maitland road
174134 Lugard Henry - 2 November 1910 Newcastle district NMH
  The official estimate of the land under crops in the Newcastle district and the quantity of produce to be taken therefrom was made by the police in November 1838 at the request of the Colonial Secretary. Henry Lugard - 30 acres wheat, 40 acres maize, four acres barley, three acres potatoes, one acre tobacco. Yield: 300 bushels wheat, 200 bushels maize, 20 bushels barley, one ton potatoes, 2000lb tobacco
132115 Lugard Henry Williamson - 1837 27 December Newcastle GG
  Assigned 1 convict labourer
132122 Lugard Henry Williamson - 1842 19 May St. John's Church, Parramatta SH
  Marriage of Henry Williamson Lugard Esq., of the Royal Engineers, and Margaret Anna, eldest daughter of the late John McHenry of Penrith. Minister Rev. H.H. Bobart
132125 Lugard Henry Williamson - 1843 29 December Doonmore, Penrith SMH
  Death of Henry John, the infant son of Henry W. Lugard R.E., on 27th December age 5 months and 12 days
130038 Lugard Henry Williamson Hive 1835 1835 17 December - SH
  Passenger on the Hive from Ireland
132120 Lugard Lieut-Col Henry Williamson - - - thePeerage.com
  Son of Captain John Lugard and Jane Llewellyn. Gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the service of the Royal Engineers. Died 1857
66876 Lugard Lieutenant - 1838 16 May Newcastle GG
  John Williams per 'Marquis of Huntley' absconded from service
67457 Lugard Lieutenant - 1838 5 September Newcastle GG
  John Williams per 'Marquis of Huntley apprehended after absconding
82181 Lugard Lieutenant - 1836 25 October Newcastle Australian
  Moving to Newcastle to Superintend building the Military Barracks
82264 Lugard Lieutenant - 1837 Newcastle GRC
  Peter Cabbon per 'James Pattison' assigned servant
101629 Lugard Lieutenant - 1837 16 September Newcastle SG
  Tenders for building mounted police barracks at Dungog to be sent to Lieut. Lugard in Newcastle
107785 Lugard Lieutenant - 1837 3 September Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p29
  Assigned servant Thomas Mance. Baptism of Mance's child
122520 Lugard Lieutenant - 1843 17 July Bligh Street, Sydney SMH
  Royal Engineers. Wife gave birth to a son on 15th July
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