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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
158539 Fraser Captain Simon - 1849 28 February - SMH
  Death of Lieut. Hollinsworth 10th Regt on 3 October at Moultan from the effects of wounds received in battle. Son in law of Captain Fraser of the 80th regt., who 'gloriously fell while leading his company to the charge at Ferozeshah'
4151 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 10 February Newcastle SG
  Accused of being remiss in not sending a party of soldiers to pursue bushrangers.
4563 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 19 March Newcastle HRG
  In charge of the Stockade at Newcastle
10442 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
  No. 3 Stockade, Nobby Island. 95
38397 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 2 April Newcastle HRG
  Ordered 50 lashes to nightwatchman over tools at the breakwater & one of the boat's crew for working for an independant individual
43208 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 28 May Newcastle HRG
  Returning with his regiment to headquarters in Sydney
74109 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 25 May Newcastle CO
  Marriage of Edmund Robson Robson (Accountant, Bank of Australasia, Maitland) to Ann Maria, eldest daughter of Lieutenant S. Fraser, of the 80th Regiment on 7th May. Officiating minister Rev. C. Pleydell Wilton
74117 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 25 May Newcastle CO
  Captain John Armstrong, 99th regt. Appointed magistrate of the territory and assistant engineer at Newcatle stockade vice Lieutenant Fraser
74231 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1842 28 September St. Phillips Church, Sydney CO
  Marriage of Alexandra Flora 3rd daughter of S. Fraser of 80th Regiment to Colin McLeod on 17 September. Officiating minister Rev. Grylls
124583 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1841 23 December Newcastle SH
  Correspondence from Lieut. Fraser of the 80th regiment regarding conduct of the military at Newcastle
158538 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1841 2 March Newcastle Australasian Chronicle
  Lengthy correspondence from Frederick Lawson regarding the accusations against Lieutenant Simon Fraser of the 80th regiment
158540 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1840 24 March - Australasian Chronicle
  80th regiment. Appointed Magistrate
158541 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1841 25 May - SH
  On list of Officers on duty in the Colony in May 1841. Entered the army 7 March 1810
158544 Fraser Lieutenant Simon - 1841 18 December Newcastle SH
  Correspondence re disturbances at Newcastle and Lieut. Fraser's complaints
93017 Fraser Simon - 1852 25 August Newcastle MM
  Cabin passenger of the Lalla Rookh from Newcastle to Melbourne
158536 Frazer (Fraser) Lieutenant (?Simon) Marquis of Hastings 1839 1839 23 August Port Jackson Australasian Chronicle
  Lieutenant Frazer, 80th regiment, Mrs Frazer and 10 children passengers on the 'Marquis of Hastings' from London. Departed London 17 March and arrived Hobart 12 August where the male prisoners were landed
124578 Frazer (Fraser) Lieutenant Simon - 1841 1 December Newcastle SH
  Lieut. Frazer obliged to place sentry to protect is residence at Newcastle when a soldier of the 80th regt., and the Clerk of the Bench at Newcastle became intoxicated and violent