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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
60989 Crummer Brevet Major James Henry - 1839 27 July - SG
  Appointed Major without purchase. 28th Regiment
18448 Crummer Major - 1845 13 September Newcastle MM
  Present at a meeting at the Court House to propose that a Benevolent Asylum is necessary for Newcastle
19263 Crummer Major - 1845 6 December Newcastle MM
  Held inquiry into death of W. Thornton
28872 Crummer Major - 1847 10 April Newcastle MM
  Held inquiry into the death of Dennis Horan
33977 Crummer Major - 1847 21 August Newcastle MM
  Present at Lodge of Odd Fellows meeting
38700 Crummer Major - 1842 5 March Newcastle HRG
  Absent from Newcastle
45062 Crummer Major - 1848 13 September Newcastle MM
  Court of Requests in case of Thornton v. Hannell
58975 Crummer Major - 1849 10 October Newcastle MM
  Dinner held at Farquharson's Hotel in honour of Major Crummer
59133 Crummer Major - 1849 17 October Maitland MM
  Maitland Quarter Sessions 16 October 1849
59728 Crummer Major - 1849 17 November Morpeth MM
  Attended dinner at Crown and Anchor in honour of Captain Pattison
72780 Crummer Major - 1850 27 February Maitland MM
  Had James McDonald forcibly removed from Court after he refused to return to his work
82876 Crummer Major - 1851 9 April Maitland MM
  Magistrate at Maitland Quarter Sessions
84332 Crummer Major - 1851 9 July Maitland MM
  Correspondence from Isaac Gorrick, William Nicholson, George Yeomans and Peter Green stating they had been received by Major Crummer with more than common civility and co-operation and stated his willingness to assist in their attempts to maintain the state of Wallis Creek Bridge
86119 Crummer Major - 1851 8 October Maitland MM
  Magistrate at Maitland Quarter Sessions 6th October 1851
87397 Crummer Major - 1852 7 January Newcastle MM
  Gave high character testimony for Francis Walker whom he had known for 17 yrs
88198 Crummer Major - 1840 23 September Newcastle CJ
  Rumours that Major Crummer was to be removed from Newcastle
89225 Crummer Major - 1852 3 April Maitland MM
  Charged Simon Hamer with contempt of court and to be kept in custody until the court rose after Hamer would not be quiet in Court
90850 Crummer Major - 1852 23 June - MM
  Gave speech at the opening of the new suspension bridge over Wallis Creek
91373 Crummer Major - 1852 21 July Collected at East Maitland MM
  Gave subscription for the Relief of those left destitute by the Floods at Gundagai
95787 Crummer Major - 1852 30 October East Maitland MM
  Present at Meeting held at Morpeth to consider the expediency of adopting a petition to the Queen praying her Majesty to send out a commission to inquire into the state of the Church of England with a view to framing and granting of a constitution
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