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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
100843 Canny Ann - 1829 April Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. p.13
  Witness at the marriage of William Rouse and Ann Vane
175094 Canny Ann - 27 April 1831 - HRA Vol.1 XVI
  1st. In the Case of Mr. Reid, it appears that a free Woman named Ann Canny threatens to bring an Action against him for false imprisonment, having been Sentenced by Mr. Reid (who was called upon to act at Newcastle during the temporary absence of the regular Magistrate) as a Vagrant, and living in a State of Adultery, for three Months to the 3d Class of the Female Factory, as a house of correction. Roger Therry, Esqr. who, in the absence of an Attorney and Solicitor General, has been employed to defend this Case, States it as his opinion that it is inexpedient to proceed to trial. The Magistrate he Considers has Manifestly exceeded his jurisdiction, as the facts disclosed in the deposition do Not appear Sufficiently Strong to Warrant even a Commitment to a house of Correction. Under these circumstances, he recommends that Amends Should be tendered to this Woman to the extent of 15 or even 20, as, in the event of an Action, she may not only be Awarded damages to that, and even to a large Amount, but also very heavy Costs would be incurred....Extract from Minute No. 20, of the Proceedings of the Executive Council, on the 27th April, 1831.
33903 Canny Ann Elizabeth - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
  24 years old. Born in the Colony
78651 Canny (Faulkner) Ann - 1831 14 July Newcastle SG
  Having obtained his ticket of leave Henry Canny cautioning against giving credit to his wife Ann Canny (Faulkner)
91016 Canny (Faulkner) Ann - 1831 5 February Newcastle NGE
  Free; native; married servant. Sentenced to 3mths in the female factory for prostitution