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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
138232 Bond (Brunker) Mary Ann - 1857 3 March On board the barque 'Elizabeth Thompson' off Port Phillip Heads MM
  Death of Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Captain Edward Bond and granddaughter of Mrs. Margaret McGreavy of Newcastle, after a short and painfull illness. Died on 20th February 1857 aged 20 years
147120 Bruncker (Brunker) Mary Ann - 1842 18 August Newcastle Australiasian Chronicle
  Marriage of Mr. James Cunningham, clerk of the colonial hospital at that place, to Mrs. M.A. Bruncker (Brunker), daughter of Mr. James McGreavy on 10 August 1842. Rev. Mr. Dowling
53957 Brunker - - 1849 9 May Newcastle MM
  Joined the search party to locate F.S. Mays who was lost in the bush near Burwood
116955 Brunker Elizabeth Hewlett - 1916 9 November East Maitland Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
  Diedage 89. Wife of James Nixon Brunker
149300 Brunker Frederick E - 1884 22 March Plattsburg MM
  Marriage of Frederick E. Brunker, son of the Honorable James N. Brunker, M.L.A., to Miss Rachael Clayden, daughter of S.J. Claydon of Cooranbong on 19th March 1884. Minister Rev. W. Chaucer
144825 Brunker Frederick Edward - 1853 16 October Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p. 46
  Son of James and Elizabeth Brunker. Baptism
108792 Brunker Henry John - 1854 28 October East Maitland MM
  Eldest son of James N. Brunker, died aged 2 years and 7 months on 24th October
114344 Brunker Henry John - 1854 28 October EastMaitland MM
  Death of Henry John, eldest son of James N. Brunker on 24th October. Aged 2 years and 7 months
144902 Brunker Henry John - 1852 11 July East Maitland Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p. 44
  Son of James and Elizabeth Brunker. Baptism
43532 Brunker J.N - 1835 3 August Newcastle CJ
  Purchased 16 perches of land on 12 August
20101 Brunker James - 1846 24 January Newcastle MM
  Signed letter written to farewell Major Last who was leaving for New Zealand to fight in the Maori wars
82423 Brunker James - 1851 8 March Newcastle MM
  Stepson of William Henry Whyte. Employed as clerk and assistant by Whyte. Witness at his trial
87112 Brunker James - 1851 10 December East Maitland MM
  Formerly of Newcastle. Taking over the butcher's business of Samuel Clift in East Maitland
89849 Brunker James - 1852 15 May East Maitland MM
  Charged by Henry Gooch with allowing pigs to stray about the streets. Case dismissed
90152 Brunker James - 1852 2 June Collected in East Maitland MM
  Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close
91141 Brunker James - 1852 10 July Maitland MM
  Charged under the Masters & servants Act for wages owed
91391 Brunker James - 1852 21 July Collected at East Maitland MM
  Gave subscription for the Relief of those left destitute by the Floods at Gundagai
96586 Brunker James - 1852 11 December Maitland MM
  Fined 5s for allowing pigs to stray about the streets
137470 Brunker James - 1847 26 June Newcastle SMH
  Death of James, only son of Mrs. M. N. Brunker. Aged 14 years
107767 Brunker James and Elizabeth - 1854 26 October East Maitland Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Burials p28
  Henry John, son of James and Elizabeth Brunker died aged 2 years 7 months
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