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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
134043 - - Elphinstone 1840 1840 10 October Port Jackson SG
  248 emigrants arrived from London on the Elphinstone. 'They appear to be a respectable set of people and principally agriculturalists.' A slight case of fever broke out on the voyage causing the death of 4 adults and 6 children. On board there were 158 adults and 28 children and 55 infants
171880 - - Elphinstone 1840 9 October 1840 Port Jackson Sydney Monitor
  Departed London and Plymouth 3rd June. Passengers - Cabin, Mr. Capper, Captain Edinborough and wife, Mr. Arthur Edinborough, Mr. Thomas Boyd, Intermediate - Mr and Mrs. Levy, Mr. forsyth, Mr. Hynd, Mr. Cullender, Mr. Gibbes, Miss Roach, and 248 emigrants under the command of D.M. Salter Esq. Surgeon
149195 Byrne Daniel, Julia, John, Patrick, James, William, Sally, Anne Elphinstone 1840 1840 5 October - State Records of NSW. Online microfilm of shipping lists
  Daniel age 38, shepherd, Julia age 30, John age 14, Patrick age 12, James age 6, William age 2, Sally age 10, Anne age 8, passengers on the 'Elphinstone'
134042 Byrnes (Power) Jane Elphinstone 1840 - Scott's Flat Singleton Pioneer Register p. 72
  Born c 1825 Co. Kildare, Ireland, daughter of Daniel Byrnes. Spouse Thomas Power. See Pioneer Register for details of descendants
172172 Dowd Darby Elphinstone 1840 1848 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2017; Roll: 759 Gaol Description Books Ancestry
  Born c. 1807. Came free per Elphinstone. 5ft 5in, stout. Admitted to Newcastle gaol.
172173 Dowd Darby Elphinstone 1840 1847 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2009; Roll: 757. Gaol Entrance Books. Ancestry
  Labourer from Kildare. Came free. Sentenced at Maitland Circuit Court to 18 months hard labour at Sydney Gaol
172171 Dowd Darby, Ellen, Patrick, John, Elisa Elphinstone 1840 5 October 1840 - State Records Online Shipping List
  Darby, labourer age 35, Ellen, 20, Patrick 8, John 5, Elisha 10, emigrants per the Elphinstone in 1840...http://tinyurl.com/molagmy
133831 McCann William Elphinstone 1840 - Singleton Singleton Pioneer Register p. 57
  Born 1809 in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland, son of Thomas and Anne McCann. Spouse Mary Denny. See Pioneer Register for details of descendants