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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
100836 - - Almorah 1824 1824 26 August Sydney SG
  The female prisoners per the Almorah were drafted to Parramatta on 25th August
157423 - - Almorah 1824 1824 26 August Port Jackson SG
  The 'Almorah' arrived from ireland with female prisoners having sailed from Cork 8 April. Also brought 15 free women and 50 children. One prisoner and one child died on the passage out. Surgeon Superintendent Dr. Price R.N.
72066 Bourke Penelope Almorah 1824 1832 23 August Newcastle Application to marry
  Bond. Application to marry John Dorkins
164120 Bourke (Dorkins) Penelope Almorah 1824 1823 Ireland Penelope Bourke Revisited - Norma Townshend
  Sentenced to transportation for life for aiding and abetting one John McDonnell in an attempt to commit a rape on the body of Mary Connor, a woman of bad repute http://www.jstor.org.rp.nla.gov.au/stable/27516677
69053 Burke (Bourke) Penelope Almorah 1824 1832 11 July Merton 1832 GG
  Laundress assigned to William Ogilvie
112632 Burke (Bourke) Penelope Almorah 1824 1841 23 December Singleton SG
  Granted ticket of leave
164119 Burke (Bourke) Penelope Almorah 1824 1826 Wilberforce Application to Marry
  Penelope Burke aged 21, application to marry John Kelly per Guildford.
166726 Burke (Bourke) Penelope Almorah 1824 4 October 1824 - Colonial Secretary's Papers
  Sentenced to 2 hours in the stocks and the Factory for 6 months for drunk and disorderly conduct
135907 Burke (Bourke) Penelope (Penny) Almorah 1824 1826 23 December - SG
  Charged with being repeatedly drunk although frequently admonished. Carried in a state of drunkennes to the watchhouse and sentenced to 2 months in Class No.3 of the Female Factory
101668 Burke (Bourke) (Dorkins) Penelope Almorah 1824 1832 Merton Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
  Marriage of John Dorkins and Penelope Burke both from Merton
164117 Dawkins (nee Bourke) Penelope Almorah 1824 1872 Singleton NSW BDM
  Daughter of Edward. Died at Singleton in 1872
71733 Delaney Margaret Almorah 1824 1832 February Maitland Application to marry
  Free. Application to marry Robert Smith
181201 Donald (?Donnelly) Catherine Almorah 1824 7 May 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
  Catherine Donald per Almorah in the service of John Smith. Charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Mr. Smith states the prisoner was directed to assist another of my servants yesterday in preparing dinner, when she went into the kitchen she commenced quarrelling with the other servant, refusing to assist her, broke the plates and threw a knife at the other which missed her but lodging against the wall, turned the point. She was drunk and is frequently insolent to me and her mistress. Her insolence corroborated by Mr. Smith s servant. The prisoner denies being either drunk or insolent. Sentenced to solitary confinement for 48 hours.
87635 Donnelly (Innis) Catherine Almorah 1824 1825 18 May - CSI
  Application for permission to marry - John Large & Catherine Donnelly
164121 Driscoll Mary Almorah 1824 1827 Newcastle Application to Marry
  Mary Driscoll per 'Almorah', aged 40, application to marry Martin Herring aged 40 arrived per 'Elizabeth'
176826 Fitzgerald Mary Almorah 1824 2 August 1826 Sydney Gaol Sydney Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 851 Ancestry
  Sent to Sydney gaol from Wallis Plains. A runaway from the Parramatta Factory. To be returned
35375 Herron (Driscoll) (Herring) Mary Almorah 1824 1828 Patterson's Plains 1828 Census
  Aged 40. Charwoman assigned to Joseph Bull
64108 Kennedy Bridget Almorah 1824 1829 26 December Wallis Plains SG
  Obtained Ticket of leave for good conduct in the married state
70087 Kennedy Bridget Almorah 1824 1824 21 December - CSI
  Re permission to marry at Newcastle
160760 Kennedy Bridget Almorah 1824 9 January 1825 Church of England, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
  No. 37. Marriage of Michael Wright to Bridget Kennedy. Witnesses James Kennedy and Catherine Walker. Minister Rev. G.A. Middleton
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