Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1815

January 4

Convict Ship Francis and Eliza, Captain Harrison, from London to Port Jackson taken on 4th January by the American Warrior privateer. She was plundered and given up and arrived at Teneriffe prior to 12th January.

January 9

Death of Baron Augustus H. Alt, Surveyor General N.S.W.(1731 - 1815)

January 18

School for Aboriginal children established at Parramatta

January 21

Road westwards across the Blue Mountains completed under the superintendence of Lieut. William Cox (1764 - 1837)
In July Thomas Hobby, Richard Lewis, John Tye, Thomas Gorman, William Dye, Samuel Freeman, Samuel Eyres, James Kelly, William Martin, Matthew Mucklow and Mrs. Green, widow of the late Thomas Green were rewarded with a donation of cattle for their services in constructing the road across the Blue Mountains

January 28

Arrival of convict ship Marquis of Wellington, Captain George Betham.


Journey of Elizabeth and Lachlan Macquarie across the Blue Mountains to Bathurst on the newly completed road


Thomas Lawson acting surgeon in place of William Evans at Newcastle

April 26

Arrival of convict transport Indefatigable with 198 male prisoners


Site for settlement of Bathurst selected

May 29

First steam engine used in Australia by John Dixon (Dickson)


Joseph Lycett apprehended in Sydney for forgery

June 18

Defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo

June 18

Arrival of convict ship Northampton


Bridal party returning from Newcastle to Maitland foundered in the river. Several people drowned including John Tucker junior's bride, Catherine Flynn Read an account of the incident.

August 5

Arrival of convict ship Canada, Master John Grigg.

August 8

Convict ship Francis and Eliza arrived after being captured by American ship Warrior on the voyage out


Arrival of Wesleyan minister Reverend Samuel Leigh per Hebe.

September 7

Arrival of the Convict ship Baring


Private medical practice commenced in Sydney by Dr. William Bland


Sealing ship Betsey wrecked in Tasman Sea

October 18

John Croaker sentenced to 7 years transportation for embezzling 3000 in Exchequer Bills from banker John Sackett with whom he resided

November 10

Death of Judge Advocate of N.S.W. Ellis Bent

November 11

Death of Scottish Martyr Maurice Margarot in London 1745 - 1815

December 9

Government Notice issued - Permission from authorities needed to land at Newcastle Excerpt from the Sydney Gazette