Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1806

Philip Gidley King continued as Governor of the colony until August 1806


First triplets born in the colony - On the night of last Sunday sennight Amelia Rixon, the wife of a private in the NSW Corps was safely delivered of three infants, two of whom are living. Sydney Gazette 19 January 1806


Arrival of convict ship Tellicherry. Thomas Cuzens master.


Catastrophic flooding at the Hawkesbury. 5 people drowned Account of the 1806 Flood in the Sydney Gazette

April 11

Arrival of convict ship William Pitt


News of the Battle of Trafalgar reaches the colony.


Vessel Governor King wrecked near Newcastle...

On Wednesday accounts were received from Hunter's River, stating the total loss of the fine colonial schooner Governor King, of which we last week made mention. The person who brought in the first accounts of her loss came away very shortly after she struck, in order to obtain timely assistance from the owners, if any service could be rendered; but in the course of a few hours from the time he left her she went to pieces, and by the next morning fragments of the wreck were scattered along the shore for several miles. Great part of her freight of pork has been saved, but little else, except about two ton out of 12 ton of iron taken in at Dusky Bay in lieu of ballast picked up from the wreck of the Endeavour. - Sydney Gazette 11 May 1806

The Contest came in from King's Town on Wednesday, with such fragments as were saved from the cargo of the Governor King. One of the owners who went down purposely to render assistance to the wreck came up in her, and expresses the most lively sense of obligation to the Gentleman in Command at the settlement for the very liberal assistance he was pleased to afford on the distressing occasion; an instance highly worthy to be ranked among the many that have afforded to His Majesty's Officers commanding these settlements a melancholy occasion of testifying the concern of the British Government in the welfare of the subject and the alacrity and prompt attention of its officers to the duties of humanity. Sydney Gazette 18 May 1806

May 20

The vessel Sydney wrecked off New Guinea having departed Port Jackson 12 April 1806.


Colonial brig Venus seized by crew and convicts off Port Dalrymple, VDL and taken to New Zealand. Captain Chace of the Venus returned to Sydney on the vessel Governor Hunter on the 8th July

July 12

Arrival of convict ship Fortune

August 5

Arrival of William Bligh on the Lady Madeline Sinclair. The Fortune, Alexander and store ship Lady Madeline Sinclair departed England on 28th January 1806 under convoy of the Porpoise under the command of Lieutenant Joseph Short. Captain William Bligh and Provost-Marshal William Gore were on board the Madeline Sinclair. William Bligh's correspondence to Viscount Castlereagh on 15th March 1806 while at sea (lat.11 13 N; long. 24 00 W) gives an indication of the animosity that existed between Captain Short and himself: - I have the honor to inform your Lordship I am thus far on my voyage to fulfil the mission His Majesty has entrusted to my care; but I regret to say that Captain Short, holding the command of the Porpoise while I am in this ship, has pursued such an irritating and vexatious conduct to me as governor and his superior officer in naval rank, that I shall, so soon as I can draw up the documents, send them to your Lordship, and beseech you to remove him from under my command.

August 13

Appointment of William Bligh as Governor of New South Wales in place of Phillip Gidley King.

August 20

Arrival of convict ship Alexander from England, Captain Brooks.


Sarah Wood, Sarah Thomas, Sarah King, Rebecca Barnes, Ann Bannister, sentenced six months each at King's Town (Newcastle) for going on board a vessel before the Admission Flag was hoisted, contrary to repeated Orders. - Sydney Gazette 3 August 1806

September 24

Heavy hailstorm at the Hawkesbury

October 5

Stricter Port regulations issued by Governor Bligh...
General Orders
No Vessel is to be built in the Colony without His Excellency's permission; and no Register will be given until the necessary Bond is executed on which it depends, before the Vessel is launched.
All Masters of Vessels coming into this Port are strictly forbid leaving any of Crews, their Officers, or Passengers on shore when they depart; and until that is certified no Clearance is to be granted : And all such respective individuals are likewise forbidden on any pretence whatever, remaining in the Colony without authority from His Excellency the Governor.
Govt. House, Sydney Gazette 5 October 1806

November 18

New South Wales Corp. promotions War Office, New South Wales corps - Brevet Major George Johnston to be Major, without purchase. Lieut. John Piper to be Captain of a company, vice Johnston. Ensign Hugh Piper to be Lieutenant, vice J. Piper. Ensign William Lawson to be Lieutenant. Caledonian Mercury 24 November 1806


Lieutenant William Lawson temporarily Commandant at Newcastle in the absence of Charles Throsby