Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1802


Arrival of Nicholas Baudin at D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Van Diemen's Land.


Arrival of the Fly with convict George Bridges Bellasis who had been convicted of dueling in Bombay and sentenced to 14 years transportation. First emancipist to be appointed to an important position in the colony. Australian Dictionary of Biography.


Attempt to cross the Blue Mountains by George Caley

February 14

Arrival in Port Phillip of Lieutenant Murray in the Lady Nelson....... After surveying Western Port in December 1801, Lieutenant John Murray, aboard the Lady Nelson, entered Port Phillip Bay on 14 February 1802 , explored Corio Bay and formally took possession of the area for Britain

April 8

Matthew Flinders' first meeting with Nicholas Baudin of Le Geographe at Encounter Bay..... Before two in the afternoon we stretched eastward again; and at four, a white rock was reported from aloft to be seen ahead. On approaching nearer, it proved to be a ship standing towards us; and we cleared for action, in case of being attacked. The stranger was a heavy looking ship, without any top gallant masts up; and our colours being hoisted, she showed a French ensign, and afterwards an English jack forward, as we did a white flag. At half past five, the land being then five miles distant to the north eastward, I hove to; and learned, as the stranger passed to leeward with a free wind, that it was the French national ship Le Geographe, under the command of captain Nicolas Baudin. We veered round as Le Geographe was passing, so as to keep our broadside to her lest the flag of truce should be a deception; and having come to the wind on the other tack, a boat was hoisted out, and I went on board the French ship, which had also hove to......A voyage to terra Australis; undertaken in the years 1801-1803, Volume 1 By Matthew Flinders

April 26

Arrival of Mathew Flinders at Port Phillip


Rations reduced in Sydney

June 2

Death of Thomas Fyshe Palmer.

June 13

Arrival of Convict transport Coromandel with male prisoners on board. Surgeon Charles Throsby.

June 20

Arrival in Port Jackson of Nicolas Baudin on the French ship Le Geographe

June 26

Arrival of Hercules 1 from Ireland with male and female prisoners. Surgeon John Justice W. Knust

July 7

Arrival of the convict ship Atlas (1) from Cork Master: Richard Brooks. Surgeon Elphinstone Walker.

July 29

Appointment of Robert Fitzgerald as Inspector and Director of all Agricultural Settlements belonging to the Crown

August 4

Arrival of the convict ship Perseus with 112 male convicts.

September 30

Michael Rowland appointed Superintendent of convicts

October 18

Appointment of Charles Throsby as Medical Officer at Castle Hill and Magistrate of the Territory

October 30

Arrival of the convict ship Atlas (2) Convicts by the Atlas (2) included Bligh supporter Roger Farrell, limeburner Anthony Dwyer, and notorious Newcastle runaways Patrick Ducey and Thomas Desmond.

November 28

Appointment of Captain William Kent, R.N., as Magistrate of the Territory


Departure from Parramatta of Francis Barrallier in an attempt to cross the Blue Mountains.

Oversupply of goods in the colony after the arrival of ships with speculative cargoes