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Information about the voyages of approximately 400 convict ships and the Surgeons who accompanied them can be accessed via the Convict Ships Index and Convict Ship Surgeons Index Links.


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Latest History & Genealogy News Colonial Military Officers George Wyndham's Diary
Huntington's History of Newcastle James Henry Crummer James St. John Ranclaud
Hunter Valley Placenames The Blind Traveller Reminiscences of Maitland
Early Days of Port Stephens Arthur Phillip  


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Bushranger Index - Links to Bushranger gangs of the Hunter Valley 1810 - 1840's
Colonial Events - 1788 - 1844
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Convict History Links - Links to well-known convicts and other convict information
Convict Ships Index - Links to 400 convict ships NSW, VDL & Norfolk Island
Convict Ship Captain Index - Notes & information about Convict Ship Captains 1788 - 1849
Convict Ship Surgeon Superintendents - Biographical information about convict ship surgeons
Hunter Valley History Links - Links to information about Hunter Valley history
Hunter Valley Inns & Hotels - Inn and Innkeepers in the Hunter Valley in the first half of 19th Century
Hunter Valley Medical Practitioners - Information about early medical practitioners and their work in the Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley Settlers Index - Information about Hunter Valley settlers identified in Robert Dixon's 1838 map of the colony
Hunter Valley Steamers - Notes of some of the steamers plying between Sydney and Newcastle 1831 - 1850
Immigrants to Hunter Valley - Some of the ships bringing immigrants who eventually settled in the Hunter Valley
Lake Macquarie Links - Links to information about early Lake Macquarie
Law & Order - Police Magistrates, Chief Constables and Constables employed in the Hunter Valley prior to 1862
Maitland History Links - Links to information about early Maitland
Newcastle History Links - Links to information about Newcastle 1797 - 1860

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Adamstown - A brief history - School principals 1877 - 1974 - school photographs - Methodist Primitive church - Ellis Cup winners - Rosebuds

A List of Newcastle residents in 1841 - Population Census of the streets of Newcastle

Allan Cunningham - Botanist & Explorer -  born on 13 July 1791 at Wimbledon, Surrey, England

Apothecaries in Maitland in the 1840's - William Lipscomb, Charles Vavasour Earle, William Mutlow and William Townley Pinhey

NEW  Arthur Phillip - First Governor of New South Wales

Australian Agricultural Company -  Established as a land development company with the assistance of the British Parliament's Crown Grant of 1,000,000 acres in 1824

A Visit to my daughter & a Trip to the last days races - Dr. Thomas Parmeter 1835 of de Quirosville

Bells Our ancestor's lives were ruled by Bells

Beyond the Sea Brian Ahearn, descendant of convict Murtagh Ahern, is author of ‘Beyond the Sea’ the life and times of Murtagh Ahern and the log of the convict ship ‘Atlas’. My thanks to Brian Ahearn for providing Selected extracts from Journey into Hell Chapter 11 of 'Beyond the Sea'

Bold Jack Donohue - Australia's famous Bushranger

Botany Bay Hero - Michael Kean's experiences as a convict

Captain Patrick Logan's Journal - Captain Logan was Commandant at Moreton Bay in 1826

Charles Picknell's on board diary on the convict ship Kains in 1831

Claims to Leases of Crown Lands Beyond the Settled District - New England 1848

Coal Miners in Newcastle 1858  Transactions of the North of England Institute of Mining Engineers Vol VI, 1858 ,'On the Coalfield of New South Wales' by Henry T. Plews

Colonial Entertainment - Have you ever wondered how your ancestors entertained themselves? What sport did they play? Which days were set aside as holidays? What amusements did they look forward to and how did they pass their time?

Colonial Events 1788 - 1844 - month by month

Colonial Medical Practitioners - Newcastle & Hunter Valley

NEW Colonial Military Officers who served or settled in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Convict Assignment and Punishment at Newcastle  Government Orders 1813

Convict Ship Index Information about the voyages of approximately 400 convict ships

Convicts Ships to New South Wales 1835

Convict Ship Surgeon Superintendents

Cottage Creek - Bridge, Cemetery, Cottage (Newcastle)

County Electors - Newcastle 1855

Currency Lads and Lasses  Two Years in New South Wales: A Series of Letters, Comprising Sketches of ... By Peter Miller Cunningham

Discovery of Lake Macquarie in 1800 - known as Reid's Mistake

Early Bushrangers - 1800 - 1820 - Newcastle & Hunter Valley

Early convict coal Miners in Newcastle - 1801

Early Harbour Masters - Newcastle

Edward Denny Day - Police Magistrate at Maitland

Emigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland to Hunter Valley 1830s & 1840s

Eraring History - Lake Macquarie

Executions at Newcastle and the Hunter Valley Expedition to the Hunter River in 1801 - Lady Nelson

Female Convicts - Links to Convict Ships transporting female prisoners to NSW

Female Factory at Parramatta

Female Factory at Newcastle - Attached to Newcastle Gaol

First Fleet 1788 - Vessels of the First Fleet - Charlotte, Friendship, Prince of Wales

Follow the Female Convict Ship Trail - Beginning with the Charlotte in 1788

Follow the Irish Convict Ship Trail - The Queen was the first convict ship bringing convicts to NSW

FRANK THE POET' arrived on the Eliza convict ship in Here to find out what happened to him in the following years

Friedrich Gerstäcker  - Traveller

NEW George Wyndham's Diary - Transcription of the first two years of the diary of settler George Wyndham

Governor Macquarie's Tour of Newcastle Settlement in 1812

NEW Huntington's History of Newcastle

Islands in the lower Hunter River included Moscheto Island, Dempsey Island, Spit Island, Spectacle Island, Bullock Island and Ash Island

James Hardy Vaux at Newcastle - 1811 - Author of Australia's first dictionary

NEW  James Henry Crummer - Police Magistrate at Newcastle

NEW  James St. John Ranclaud

John Bingle's excursion to Lake Macquarie in 1822

Journal of Rev. Christopher Eipper - Missionary at Moreton Bay & Presbyterian Minister at Paterson NSW

Law & Order - Police Force in the Hunter Valley prior to 1862

Lieutenant Purcell and Coal River (Newcastle) Colonial Events 1810

Links to Biographies from Memoirs of Hydrography

Maitland Gaol  - Foundation stone laid in 1844

Maitland Hospital - Foundation stone laid in 1846

Map Links Links to some of the Hunter, Paterson and Williams River Maps listed in the Catalogue at the National Library of Australia.

Mary Bryant - Escape from the colony in 1791

Men of the Time
is part 1 of the Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time. It is a listing of biographies of men of note with connections to Australia, providing details such as full name, date and place of birth and history of their occupations. Index to Men of the Time

Moreton Bay 1824 

Morpeth Links

Murrurundi History Links

Muswellbrook History Links

Newcastle Gaol

Newcastle Through the Years

Newcastle in 1822

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