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Convict Ship Lady Harewood 1831 


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked 216 men 
Voyage: 138 days
Deaths 2
Surgeon's Journal - Yes
Tons: 429
Previous vessel: Edward arrived 22 February 1831
Next vessel: Kains arrived 11 March 1831
Captain Richard Stonehouse  
Surgeon Superintendent
James McTernan
Convicts were transported on the Lady Harwood to Van Diemen's Land in 1829 and to New South Wales in 1831 and 1832.  

The Lady Harewood departed Sheerness on 17 October and Deal on 19th October 1830 and spoke the Edward convict ship while at St. Jago.  

Passengers included Robert Ackroyd, D.A.C.G., Mrs. McTernan and Lieutenant Erskine of the 48th regiment. The Guard consisted of 39 men of the 75th regiment, 5 women and 10 children.
James McTernan kept a Medical Journal from 22 September to 16 March 1831.......   The weather was rainy for some time after they left port necessitating the convicts to be confined below deck and causing illness amongst some of the men. A visit for one day to Port Praya and the purchase of fruit and meats together with a favourable change in the weather enabled the men to be more active and the illness mostly disappeared.

James McTernan recorded in his journal that the 'cheering exercise of the boxing gloves' was introduced on the journey. He added that this exercise 'should be very cautiously introduced and the objects of it clearly explained to those about to use it and...... under the eye of proper control'. He gave the example of two 'filthy indolent fellows' whom he had punished for quarrelling repeatedly and who carried their hostility on. They were only with great difficulty roused even to the exertion of coming on deck until they were matched to the gloves and kept to them at evenings. Their scurvy disappeared, their animosity ceased and they became good friends.  

The Lady Harewood arrived in Port Jackson on 4 March 1831 with 214 male prisoners; the voyage had taken 138 days.

A Muster was held on board by the Colonial Secretary Alexander McLeay on 8th March 1831. Details included Name, Age, Religion, Education, Marital Status, Family, Native Place, Offence, Trade, When & Where Tried, Sentence, Prior Convictions, Physical Description and to whom assigned on arrival. There are also occasional details such as family members in the colony, pardons and deaths.    

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George Brown Shoemaker and paper stainer. Assigned to Edward Sandwell at Sydney

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7). Lieutenant Erskine and 70 soldiers of the 26th, 29th, and 75th regiments departed Sydney  for Mauritius in May 1831.


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