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Convict and Colonial History

Alick Osborne R.N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 12 February 1814

Alick Osborne was one of the ten children of Archibald Osborne, Esq., of Dirnaseer, County Tyrone, Ireland[1]. He joined the Royal Navy in February 1814. He was a brother of Royal Navy surgeon John Osborne and pastoralist Henry Osborne. He was probably a cousin of surgeon James Osborne.

Early Career

He was appointed to the Algerine in 1815[2]. He was appointed to the Leven in West Africa in 1822[3]

Surgeon Superintendent

Alick Osborne was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on eight convicts ship voyages to New South Wales between the years 1825 - 1838:

Lonach in 1825

Speke in 1826

Sophia in 1829

Sarah in 1829

Planter in 1832

Fairlie in 1834

Marquis of Huntley in 1835

Elphinstone in 1838.


He married Ann Clarke in Ireland. Their children Alick, Ann Jane, Jane Mary, Mary and Isabella were all born in Ireland. He brought his family to Australia on the Marquis of Huntley in 1835, although young Alick was not on board, perhaps left in Ireland to complete schooling.

Although the family were settled in Australia by 1836, Alick Osborne did not yet reside permanently in the colony as he was appointed agent to select emigrants from Ireland in February 1836.

Adam Lodge

In Australia in 1835 a private bounty system was commenced. Colonists or their agents in the United Kingdom chose emigrants and brought them to the Colony. Many Scots came to Australia under this scheme. There was also a government system which brought out emigrants chosen by government emigration agents in UK. In February 1836 David Boyter was appointed by Governor Richard Bourke to select emigrants from Scotland. Alick Osborne to select emigrants from Ireland. [4]

The State Library has digitised Alick Osborne's account of his travels in Ireland......

Alick Osborne's travels in Ireland selecting emigrants for New South Wales, and the voyage from Londonderry to Sydney on the emigrant ship, Adam Lodge as ship's surgeon in 1837. Brief entries of weather and temperature, with notes on the health of emigrants and crew, and hygiene on the ship, also details of births and deaths on board - Journal of Occurrences connected with Emigration', 8 July 1836-17 July 1837, by Dr Alick Osborne [5]

His next appointment was to the convict ship Elphinstone in 1838.

Naval Service

Throughout this time he was still on the Royal Navy List of Surgeons fit for service (half pay). In England, he was appointed Surgeon to the Formidable in 1842.[6] He transferred to the Impregnable in 1843 [7].

Death of son Alick Osborne

The only son of Alick and Ann, Alick (jun) died at Illawarra on his 21st birthday on 4th October 1842.

Emigrant Ship Emerald 1843

He was appointed surgeon to the emigrant ship Emerald in 1843.


Alick Osborne acquired land in the Illawarra district. He settled at 'Daisy Bank' where he bred dairy cattle.

He is listed in the Legislative Council Returns in 1851 - Counties of Murray and St. Vincent, on Half Pay, Royal Navy; employed as coroner for the Wollongong district. [8]


Alick Osborne's wife Anne died on 15 October 1853 age 61 years and Alick Osborne died in Omagh Ireland on 12th March 1856 at the residence of Dr. Love [9]


Alick Osborne emigrated to New South Wales and settled in the district of Illawarra where two of his brothers, the late Dr. John Osborne, and the present member for East Camden (Henry) also resided. At the general election in 1851 Dr. Osborne, was elected member of the Legislative Council for the united counties of St. Vincent and Murray, after a sharp contest in which he was opposed by Charles Campbell Esq.,

In January 1855 he resigned his seat and proceeded to Europe. In the council. Dr. Osborne was regular in his attendance and took an active interest in the discharge of his duties. His political views, which were frequently expressed in the debates, always briefly and pithily, were of a strong conservative cast. In maintaining his own opinions with out-spoken manliness, however, he never manifested disrespect towards others, meeting his opponents with fairness while preserving his fidelity to his friends. Dr. Osborne was sixty three years of age at his death [10]

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