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Convict Ships to New South Wales in 1835


Sixteen Convict Ships set sail from England and Ireland bound for New South Wales in 1835.   Many of the English prisoners on these vessels were tried in the Central Criminal Court and incarcerated at Newgate prison to await transportation......

The Old Bailey - We shall never forget the mingled feelings of awe and respect with which we used to gaze on the exterior of Newgate in our schoolboy days. How dreadful its rough, heavy walls, and low massive doors appeared to us - the latter looking as if they were made of the express purpose of letting people in, and never letting them out again. Then the fetters over the debtors' door, which we used to think were a bone fide set of irons, just hung up there for convenience sake, ready to be taken down at a moments notice, and rivetted on the limbs of some refractory felon!

Often have we strayed here in sessions time, just to catch a glimpse of the whipping place, and that dark building on one side of the yard, in which is kept the gibbet, with all its dreadful apparatus........read more of the Old Bailey published in the Sydney Monitor in 1835

Select HERE to find lists of Prisoners who were Sentenced to Transportation by the Central Criminal Court in 1835  as well as the period of his or her detention in Newgate after Sentence



EXTRACTS OF PUNISHMENTS inflicted at Newgate in 1835


Convict Ships to NSW in 1835

  Vessel Departed Arrived Master Surgeon Convicts
1 Henry Porcher 4/9/1834 1/1/ 1835 Jn Hart Thomas Galloway 252
2 Royal Admiral 27/9/1834 22/1/ 1835 Dav. Fotheringham James Osborne 201
3 Bengal Merchant 1/10/1834 30/1/1835 William Campbell James Ellis 267
4 Forth 31/10/1834 3/2/1835 Henry Hutton Thomas Robertson 195
5 Lady Nugent 4/12/1834 9/4/1835 Jos. Fawcett Oliver Sproule 284
6 Neva 8 January 1835 13/5/1835 (wrk) Ben Peck John Stephenson 151
7 Marquis Huntley 27/3/1835 5/7/1835 A. Molison Alick Osborne 319
8 Westmoreland 9/3/1835 15/7/1835 John Brigstock Charles Inches 218
9 Hero 15/3/ 1835 31/8/ 1835 Henry  Dowson Dav. Boyter 197
10 Mary III 16/4/1835 6/9/1835 William Ascough John Inches 177 (f)
11 England 8/6/1835 28/9/1835 Thomas Bacon Obediah Pineo 230
12 Backwell 12/6/1835 29/9/1835 Dalrymple Dowson Jn. Love 150
13 Mary Ann 9/7/1835 26/10/1835 Aaron Smith Campbell France 305
14 Lady McNaughten 23/6/1835 26/10/1835 George Hustwick George Forman 298
15 Royal Sovereign 29/7/1835 12/12/1835 John Moncrieff Francis Logan 169
16 Hive 24/8/1835 10/12/1835 John Nutting Anthony Donoghue 252






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