Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Patrick Hill R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Patrick Hill was born c. 1794. [9] He was appointed Assistant Surgeon on 28 September 1812.

Leviathan 1814

He was appointed to the Leviathan in 1813. [1] The following year the Leviathan returned to England from the West Indies and was quarantined after 150 of the crew had been affected with fever. In this year Campbell France who became a life-long friend of Patrick Hill was also appointed to the Leviathan.[2]

Salisbury 1818

Patrick Hill was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Salisbury in 1818 (Peter Fisher was also assistant surgeon to the Salisbury at this time).

Raleigh 1819

Patrick Hill was promoted to the position of Surgeon to the Raleigh in 1819 [3]

Surgeon Superintendent

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on two convict ship voyages to New South Wales -
Atlas in 1816

Earl St. Vincent in 1820.

Atlas departed Portsmouth on 23 January 1816 and arrived in Port Jackson on 22 July 1816.

Earl St. Vincent departed Portsmouth 12 April 1820 and arrived in New South Wales on 16 August 1820.

Expedition in 1820

Governor Macquarie, in October 1820, made a tour through and met J.T. Bigge and his party at lake Bathurst. Bigge, accompanied by T.H. Scott, John Oxley, William Cordeaux, Dr. Hill and Charles Fraser, had travelled direct from the town of Bathurst, a route which had been first proved to be practicable by Charles Throsby. At the time of the visit of Macquarie and Bigge, reports had been received from the natives of the existence of the Murrumbidgee river, and an unsuccessful attempt to visit it was made under the guidance of Charles Throsby [4]


Patrick Hill was appointed to the post of Assistant Surgeon on the Colonial Medical Establishment in January 1821, with responsibility for the Medical Department at Liverpool.

Patrick Hill Salary as Assistant Surgeon Liverpool. Colonial Secretary's Papers. Special Bundles.[5]


Patrick Hill married Mary Throsby, niece of Charles Throsby of Glenfield on 12th July 1827. [6] In 1840 they resided in a large family house consisting of a dining room, drawing room, four bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, store room and servants' offices, with stables, coach house and an excellent garden, situated on George's River.

Superintendent Parramatta Asylum

Patrick Hill remained at Liverpool for twenty years and when he left in January 1841, he was presented with a handsome service of Plate and an Address by grateful residents as thanks for his many years service. [7]

He took up an appointment as Superintendent of the Hospital and the Parramatta Asylum (formerly the Female Factory). In 1848 he was appointed Superintendent of the Parramatta Gaol [8]


Patrick Hill died in March 1852 - On Saturday the 13th instant at his farm, in the county of Camden, Patrick Hill, surgeon in the Royal Navy, after a few hours illness in the 58th year of his age. [9]

Mary Hill died in 1857 aged 56. [10]

Notes and Links

1). The State Library of NSW holds correspondence from Patrick Hill to Campbell France who was a life-long friend, written in 1833. - The letter contains information about the financial arrangements between them. The remainder of the letter contains details about life in Sydney in 1833, including a commentary on the mental health of John Macarthur, based on personal acquaintance. The letter also comments on the thriving nature of the Colony’s wool industry, and the increasing rate of emigration of free settlers to the Colony

2). Colonial Medical Department 1824
Principal Surgeon - James Bowman
First Assistant - James Mileham
Assistants at Sydney - Thomas B. Allen; James Mitchell
Assistant at Parramatta - H.G. Douglas M.D.,
Assistant at Windsor - Major West
Assistant at Liverpool - Patrick Hill
Assistant at Newcastle - George Brooks
Assistant at Port Macquarie - Francis Moran M.D.

3). In 1822 Patrick Hill was called in as witness in the trial of Mary Ann Lyons for the murder of Thomas Clarke at Liverpool. [11]


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