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Convict Ship Caroline 1831 


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked: 21 men
Surgeon's Journal - No
Tons: 350
Previous vessel: Palambam arrived 31 July 1831
Next vessel: Hooghley arrived 27 September 1831
Captain Tregurtha
In January 1831 the Sydney Gazette reported:

'We are happy to inform our readers that the Caroline, a fine vessel of 350 tons has been purchased at Calcutta by Mr Betts, for the express purpose of coming with a full cargo of goods and passengers to Hobart Town, and to be enrolled as a vessel belonging to the port, in order to be devoted exclusively to the sperm whale fishery. '  

The Caroline arrived from Madras and Calcutta on 31st July 1831 the same day as the Palambam with female convicts from Ireland.

The Caroline brought general merchandise and 21 Oriental transgressors (male convicts) under charge of Captain Betts and 10 Sepoy soldiers.  

Passengers included Captain and Mrs. Betts, 3 children and 1 servant; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Betts, 2 children and servants, Colonel Parker, two Misses Parker, Capt. Weston and Mrs. Weston and children, Dr. and Mrs. Kenny, Mr. Still, Mr Grey, Captain Swanson, Capt. Maxwell, Lieut. Onslow, Mr. and Mrs. Flood, Sergeant Major Dobson wife and 4 children.  

The Sydney Gazette reported that the military gentlemen who arrived on the Caroline came for the benefit of their health.......

'We trust they will be so charmed with our salubrious climate and cheering prospects, as not only to cast in their own lot with us, but to recommend their Indian brethren to choose Australia as their future asylum.'    

Notes & Links:  

1). Michael Collins who arrived on the Caroline was convicted of bushranging in 1835 at Invermein  

2). Hunter Valley convicts / passengers arriving on the Caroline in 1831



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