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John Dulhunty R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 8 July 1793

John Dulhunty was appointed Surgeon of the Naval Hospital at Paington, Devon in 1803 [4]

He was on the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814.


He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Sesostris to New South Wales in 1826. He kept a Medical Journal from 5th November 1825 to 22 March 1826 on the voyage of the Sesostris. Passengers on the Sesostris included Mrs. Dulhunty and Miss Dulhunty. Two sons Robert Venour Dulhunty and Lawrence Vance Dulhunty came previously as passengers on the convict ship Guildford in 1824

Principal Superintendent of Police

In New South Wales John Dulhunty was appointed Acting Principal Superintendent of Police in 1827 [5]


He died in Sydney on 29 February 1828. His death was reported in his long time nemesis the Sydney Gazette:

DR. DULHUNTY. We are called upon to announce the death of this Gentleman, which took place rather suddenly on the evening of Friday last. It appears that the deceased was walking up George-street with his son, when a pain seized him in the head. He called in at Mr. Malcolm's, the apothecary, with a view of procuring relief by some hartshorn, when the pain became so violent as to deprive the lamented Gentleman of his faculties. He was immediately conveyed to Sir John Jamison's apartments, at Mr. Bodenham's where, notwithstanding the utmost professional skill, on the part of Dr. McLeod, Staff Surgeon, Dr. Dulhunty breathed his last at half-past eight o'clock. The deceased leaves an afflicted widow, an amiable daughter, and two sons, exclusive of a numerous circle of highly respectable friends, to bewail the sudden loss which Society has sustained in one of its useful and honorable Members. Apoplexy was reported lo have occasioned death, but we have since been informed that it was produced by an attack of the gout, to which the Doctor had for in many years been subject. [2]

Death of Jane Dulhunty

Jane Dulhunty, widow of John Dulhunty Esq., many years Surgeon of the Royal Naval Hospital at Plymouth, died at Paignton, Devon on 23 May 1857 [3]

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