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George Mosman

Birroull - Map 10

George Mosman arrived on the Civilian with his twin brother Archibald Mosman in August 1828.

Land Grant

This land on the Williams River was a grant originally located to Adam Smyth and later purchased by George Mossman. It was known as Burroull.
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Diary of George Mosman

The following are extracts from an old diary kept by Mr. George Mosman, manager of Burroull, Seaham, Williams River in 1839:



January 2 - Dr. Sloan here being his fifth visit to Mr. Mosman during his late illness.

January 3 - Heavy hail storm destroyed tobacco and other crops. Sent Mr. Archibald Mosman's horse 'Punch to Sydney by steamer Sophia Jane

January 3 - Mr. William Caswell at dinner and getting two ponies shod.

January 5 - Being a wet day all hands planting tobacco.

January 7 - Still planting tobacco

January 9 - Threshing wheat

January 12 - Mr. Hook here all night and left this morning for Sydney

January 13 - Mr. Mosman and Mr. Gilchrist rode to Mr. Nowlan's station

January 15 - Mr. Gilchrist at Maitland cashing order for Mr. Mosman and sundries

January 22 - Mr. Broughton arrived here from Sydney. Sent Laidlaw to Raymond Terrace with the boat for goods

January 27 - Mr. Mosman and Mr. James Gilchrist rode by Mr. Holme's property, crossed the falls and returned on the eastern side of the river

January 28 - Engaged all day branding calves

January 29 - Engaged all day branding calves

January 30 - Mr. Carmichael called to get a plough repaired which was granted. Received sundry goods form Sydney by the steamer Jane Williams


February 2 - Mr. Mosman left for Sydney by steamer from Raymond Terrace. Mr. Broughton returned from Dungog on his way to Sydney

February 5 - Shipped sundries to Sydney by Jane Williams. Mr. Kelso and McLeod here from Maitland

February 12 - Mr. W. Windeyer at breakfast, having come from Clarence town to meet his father. Captain Farmer's servant here from Sydney with horse

February 15 - Received letter from Mr. Mosman from Sydney directing me to send to Raymond Terrace for four bulls. Sent Laidlaw to Raymond Terrace with the boat for Mr. Mosman. Mr. Broughton and Colonel Snodgrass here from Dungog. Laidlaw and George at Raymond Terrace with the boat to meet Mr. Mosman but the steamer did not come in.

February 23 - Mr. McLean came here from Maitland

February 26 - Messrs. Windeyers here all night


March 1 - Captain Farmer here from Sydney. Mr. Mosman, Captain Farmer and James Gilchrist went to Maitland sales.

March 8 - Messrs G. and A. Mosman, Mr Alexander, Captain Farmer and Mr. Windeyer and Mr. Henderson returned from the Maitland sales and stayed the night. Branded horses purchased at Maitland sales. Mr. Alexander bought roan pony, Pedlar, and left with Mr. A. Mosman for Sydney

March 16 - Messrs McLean and Maister here from Maitland. Purchased all Mr. McLean's cattle at 3 pound per head.

Sold Mr. Caswell a second hand tanner for 13 to be taken out in cows at 5 pounds each

Mr. McLean left for Maitland and Mr. Maiston for Port Stephens

Mr. Caswell at dinner complaining greatly of want of water

Mr. Lord's man took away the 3 rams.

Mr. Broughton left with Mr. McLean's horses for the Upper Williams

Captain Farmer left for Sydney by the Green Hills with Mr. A. Mosman's horse Punch

Mr. McLean and stockmen went to Limeburner's Creek to look for horses.

Mr. Maister here from Port Stephens

Loaned large boat to Mr. Caswell to take wheat to Green Hills Mr. Caswell here all night

Mr. Jamison called on his way from Dungog


Mr. Hayle went with stockman to Mr. Hook's to look for working bullocks

Mr. John Gilchrist arrived from Sydney

Bushrangers supposed to be about

Mr. Mosman, Mr. John Gilchrist, Mr. Harper and Mr. Harvie left for Maitland

The missing English bull brought home by Mr. Caswell's son

Mr. John Gilchrist and Mr. Hooper left for Sydney by the boat but were too late for the steamer and had to return.

Commenced in growing tobacco seed in the bush paddock

Mr. Carmichael called to inform us that Lady Franklin wanted to cross at out punt on her way to Port Stephens.

Mr. Turner and Mr. Mitchell here all night

Mr. John Meskell made under overseer

Mr. Parkinson and Mr. McLeod came here.

All hands within doors on account of wet day.


Mr. Mosman returned from Sydney with Mr. Alexander and Mr. A. Mosman's horses

Took the level of swamp at American fence and depth of river bank

Assigned boys commenced to make up tobacco in their spare time at 3d per lb in 1oz figs

Champion at Raymond Terrace with letter and saddle for Mr. McLean

Sent to Green Hills to meet horse Prince George from Sydney

Mr Caswell called

Mr. Holmes passed

Sent Champion to Mr. Holmes for some fruit trees

Lent Mr. Caswell small boat

Mr. Hobler and Mr. Reid here all night

Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael called

Champion left for Maitland with three Hereford bulls and Mr. McLean's two working bullocks Champion returned from Maitland with two of the English bulls which were not sold

Major Johnston and the Rev. Ross called

Mr. Mosman and Mr. John Gilchrist of Sydney called on Mr. Warren at Brandon

Mr. John Gilchrist and Mr. Hobler came from Maitland

Captain Dun called and took the blacksmith to look at a sick mare

Mr. Rodgers, surveyor called for the loan of a measuring chain and remained the night

Rev. Mr. Spencer here all night

According to the old diary in the year 1839 there were six hired servants and 29 assigned servants employed on the estate exclusive of the manager Mr. James Gilchrist. [1]


George Mossman out-lived his brother Archibald by five years. He died on 5th September 1868 aged 68.

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[1] Maitland Mercury 7 January 1933