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William Innes

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William Innes arrived in the colony in 1822.

He was recommended to receive a grant of land and on 30th December was informed by the authorities that 1000 acres and four convicts would be assigned to him.[1] His land can be seen on the map above adjoining that of Andrew Lang's Dunmore.


He was employed as storekeeper in Newcastle in 1823 and 1824 taking over the duties from John Tucker.

Assigned Convict Workers

Convicts assigned to William Innes at Newcastle and Patterson's Plains in the 1820's included:

Thomas Llewellyn arrived per Dunvegan Castle assigned to William Innes in 1832
John Surgay per Albion assigned at Patterson's Plains in 1828
Henry McGrath arrived per Marquis Wellington assigned in 1832
Richard Cox per Minstrel assigned at Patterson's Plains in 1828
Henry Allcorn per Mary employed by William Innes in 1828
William Hassel per Marquis of Hastings assigned at Patterson's Plains in 1828
William Edwards per Asia assigned to William Innes in 1824
Thomas Howell per Royal Charlotte assigned at Patterson's Plains in 1828
Bridget Wright per Almorah at Patterson's Plains in 1828
Owen McConnelly per Henry Porcher assigned at Patterson Plains in 1828
Michael Wright per Elizabeth at Patterson's Plains in 1828
Alexander McKenzie per Champion assigned at Patterson's Plains in 1828
James Harris per Speke assigned to William Innes in 1832
Thomas Hayes per Governor Ready assigned in 1832
John Folks per Baring assigned servant in 1823
John Butler per John assigned servant in 1829
Stephen Chantler per John assigned servant in 1829
Joseph Fogg per Dunvegan Castle assigned servant in 1830
Henry Jenkins per Dunvegan Castle assigned servant in 1830


In 1843 William Innes was appointed by the governor to be a member of the first local council for the district of Maitland. [3]


William Innes' death was reported in the Maitland Mercury in 1869 - On the 31st July at his residence, 197 Macquarie Street, Sydney, William Innes Esq., aged 69 years. An old and much respected colonist of the Hunter River District. He was born in Caithness, Scotland and arrived in the colony in 1822 when he obtained a grant of land in the Hunter River district. After spending a few years in the Commissariat service in Sydney and Newcastle, he took up his abode on his own property near West Maitland, now in the possession of Mr. Charles Button. For upwards of fifteen years he occupied the position of local director of the Maitland branch of the Bank of Australasia, and he discharged the duties of that office with the greatest satisfaction to the bank and to the public, until failing health obliged him to leave the district. He was a man of great information, but of a very retiring disposition. He was universally esteemed for his sterling worth, and greatly beloved by those who enjoyed the privilege of his friendship. His loss will be felt by many to whom he has freely extended his liberal, but unostentatious, charity. We understand that he has left in the hands of trustees £500 to be appropriated to charitable purposes. [2] John Nowlan of Eelah and Walter Scott of Wallalong were Executors of William Innes' estate.

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