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Convict Ship Surgeons W


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Convict Ship Surgeons - W

Elphinstone Walker Atlas 1802
Hugh Walker Guildford in 1820; Minstrel to NSW in 1825
William Waters Surprize to NSW in 1790
Alexander Watson Norwood to Western Australia in 1862
David Watson Lord Lyndoch to NSW in 1833; Lloyds to NSW in 1837
William Conborough Watt Edward to NSW in 1829; Roslin Castle to NSW in 1830; Exmouth to NSW in 1831; Mary to NSW in 1833
George Hume Weatherhead Adrian to NSW in 1830
Major West Francis and Eliza in 1815
William West Burrell to NSW in 1830;  Duchess of Northumberland to VDL in1843; Equestrian to VDL in 1844
John White Charlotte 1788 (First Fleet)
John Whitmarsh Morley to NSW in 1818
George Williams Burrell to NSW in 1832
John Griffith Williams Kinnear to VDL in 1848;  Maria Somes to VDL in 1850.
Stephen Williamson Caledonia in 1822
Andrew Douglas Wilson Princess Royal to NSW in 1829; Lady Feversham to NSW in 1830;  Asia to NSW in 1832     
James Wilson Lady Ridley in 1821 to VDL in 1821; Blenheim to NSW in 1834; Lady Kennaway to NSW in 1836 ; Minerva to VDL in 1838     
John Wilson (c) Emma Eugenia in 1844 (VDL)     
Thomas Braidwood Wilson Richmond to VDL in 1822; Prince Regent to NSW in1824 ; Mangles to NSW in 1826 ; Governor Ready to NSW in 1829;  John to VDL in 1830; England to VDL in 1832; Moffatt to VDL in 1834; Strathfieldsaye to NSW in 1836
George Bouchier Worgan Sirius 1788 (First Fleet)
Robert Wylie Henry Wellesley to NSW in 1836;  Emma Eugenia to NSW in 1838;  Barossa to NSW in 1839; Lady Raffles to VDL in 1841; Arabian to VDL in 1847
David Wyse Surry to VDL; George the Third (wrecked)



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