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Convict Ship Surgeons R


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Convict Ship Surgeons R

William Rae Eliza to NSW in 1822; Isabella to NSW in 1823; Marquis of Huntley to NSW in 1826; Prince Regent to NSW in 1827; Marquis of Hastings to NSW in 1828
John Rankine Sarah and Elizabeth to NSW in 1837; Lord William Bentinck to VDL in 1838
William Redfern Minorca to NSW in 1801 (arrived as a convict)
David Reid Baring to NSW in 1815; Baring to NSW in 1819; Providence to VDL and NSW in 1822
Thomas Reid Neptune to NSW in 1818; Morley, to VDL and NSW in 1820
Thomas Ring John Renwick to VDL in 1843; Angelina to VDL in August 1844.
Daniel Ritchie Pestonjee Bombanjee to VDL in 1852
George Roberts Lord Melville to NSW in 1830; Gilmore to VDL in 1832; Heroine to NSW in 1833; Waterloo to VDL in 1835; Waterloo to NSW in 1836.
J.J.W. Roberts Lord Auckland to VDL in 1846
John Robertson William Jardine to VDL in 1844; Maitland to VDL in 1846.
Thomas Robertson  William Bryan to VDL in 1833; Forthto NSW in 1835; Surryto NSW in 1836 ; James Pattison NSW in 1837; Planter to NSW in 1839; Equestrian to VDL in 1845
John Rodmell Mary to NSW in 1822; Medina to NSW in 1823; Woodman to VDL in 1826 (died on the voyage)
William Rogers Arab to VDL in 1836; Richard Webb to VDL in 1843
Archibald Ross Susan to NSW in 1834
David Ross Strathfieldsaye to VDL in 1831
Samuel Ross Fortune to NSW in 1813
George Rowe New Grove to VDL in 1834
Thomas Christie Roylance Hadlow to NSW in 1818; Lord Sidmouth to VDL in 1821
George Shaw Rutherford Prince of Orange in 1821; Lord Melville in 1829; Shipley in 1822; Royal Admiral in 1830; Marquis of Hastings in 1826; Commodore Hayes in 1823 (VDL); Eliza in 1827; China (to Norfolk Island) in 1846
James Rutherford  Regalia to NSW in 1826; Pyramus to NSW in 1832; Mangles to NSW in 1833; Hooghley to NSW in 1834
Henry Ryan Tyne to NSW in 1819; Shipley to NSW in 1820; Claudine to VDL in 1821.



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