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*Date of Seniority Royal Navy

NEILL, Alexander R.N., * 27 October 1830


In 1824 the Caledonian Mercury under the heading of Naval Promotions and Appointments -  Alexander Neill, formerly a Surgeons' Mate, had been promoted to Assistant Surgeon (59).

Four years later he was serving as assistant surgeon on the Sybille off the coast of Africa -

 "On Thursday the Esk, Captain Purchas arrived in Portsmouth from the coast of Africa. The Esk left Sierra Leone on 5th January in company with the Sybille and the Black Joke. In running down the Coast, they captured a Spanish slave vessel with 175 negros.  The merchant seamen at Sierra Leone had suffered much from sickness arising principally from the indiscretion of the Master actively employing their crew, without the precaution of providing awnings to the boats in the heat of the day. The Surry of London had sent sixteen men to the Hospital set up at Sierra Leone, then under the charge of Mr. Alexander Neill, Assistant Surgeon of the Sybille, and on investigating the cause of their illness, Mr. Neill learnt that they had in a short space of time discharged a large cargo; that they had proceeded up the River to take in timber many exposed in the upper part of their bodies to the sun while the lower parts was immersed in water, whilst others were in the hold stowing away the timber, exposed to the damp and miasma. Mr. Neill was successful in his mode of treatment, and had been generally so, having on a former occasion restored to health, seven out of eight of another vessel's crew.. The North Star and the Primrose were cruising in the Bight of Benin."  - Hampshire Telegraph, 3rd May 1828 -

Alexander Neill was promoted to the position of surgeon on 27 October 1830.

House of Commons Papers 1830.......


 ...The Navy List 1834

In 1841 he was on the List of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service

Alexander Neill was employed as surgeon superintendent on the convict ships Recovery 1836  Heber 1837  Parkfield 1839  and Eden 1842 (to VDL) 





J.P. Niebuhr was employed as surgeon on the Kitty in 1792

He was paid 175 pounds 10shillings for his services as Surgeon-Superintendent



NISBETT, Sir Alexander R.N., 17 August 1815

Alexander Nisbett was entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814

Alexander Nisbett (also sometimes spelt Nesbitt, Nisbet etc ) was employed as surgeon-superintendent on the convict ships Minerva 1824   Grenada 1827  Hooghley 1828  Asia 1830  Earl Grey 1838 and Mangles 1840.

In 1829 a Court Case took place in England - DAWSON V. NESBIT......The plaintiff (Dawson) who had gone out to Sydney as agent to the Australian Agricultural Company, was coming home to England by a return convict ship on board of which was also Mr. Nesbit a superintendent surgeon of convicts. One evening, at tea, the conversation between these two passengers turned upon the hot winds which prevail in those latitudes. Mr. Nesbit said they always blew with great violence. Mr. Dawon obser ved that the hot winds themselves were not violent, but were generally followed by squalls. The defendant declared he was satified they blew with violence, because he knew of boats having been upset by them. The plaintiff nevertheless maintained his opinion, and said he did not believe that such was the case, although.......The defendant, without suffereng him to finish his sentence, struck him a blow on the nose, which drew blood, asking him at the same time how he presumed to contradict him? The plaintiff replied, that if he had not struck him, he was about to have added, "although I known you would not say so if you did not think it". The defendant then expressed his regret for the blow he had given him, and invited the plaintiff to shake hands; which invitation, however, he declined to accept, and left the ship on the first opportunity, to return home by one  in which he would be relieved from the company of Mr. Nesbit.  Verdict for the plaintiff. Damages 100..( Times [London, England] 4 Nov. 1829: 4. The Times Digital Archive. Web. 11 Mar. 2013.)

He was employed as Assistant Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural Company in 1830 and was a survivor of the Royal Charlotte when she was wrecked in 1825. He sailed for Calcutta on the Norfolk in October 1825.

He was on the List of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service in 1841, and was appointed surgeon to the Cornwallis


 .... 1847

In the 1851 Census Alexander Nisbet can be found living at the Greenwich Hospital. He is employed as Deputy Inspector, unmarried and aged 56. His sister Jane Findlater also resides there. Also employed at Greenwich Hospital at this time is surgeon James McTernan and his wife and assistant surgeon Robert Beith




In 1861 he is residing at Her Majesty's Royal Naval hospital, Alverstoke with his wife Lucy and their children Alexander age 4 and Lucy age 3. Alexander is 65 and Lucy 41. Jane Findlater, unmarried and age 42 still resides with him.


He is listed in the Medical Register 1865. Residence Royal Hospital, Haslar, Gosport. Qualifications Lic. Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh 1812. M.D. University Edinburgh 1818.

In June 1873 Alexander Nisbet R.N., and Captain George Biddlecombe, R.N. were introduced by the Earl of Kimberley, in the absence of the Secretary of State for the Home Department, and received the honour of Knighthood. Dailey News 27 June 1873

He died at Lee, Kent on 22 June 1874. The Hampshire Advertiser carried the following notice:  Sir Alexander Nisbet M.D., late Inspector-General of Hospital in the Royal Navy and an Honorary Physician to the Queen, expired at Arley Lodge, at Lee, in Kent on the 22nd ult. His estate was valued at (under) 6000

On June 20 at Worfield Shropshire, the Rev. W. Kitching of Runnymeade, Old Windsore and of Tan-yr-Allt, Tremadoc, Carnarvonshire, to Lucy Susannah Nisbet, widow of Sir Alexander Nisbet, Inspector General, R.N., and daughter of the late Rev. E.S. Davenport of Davenport. - Jackson's Oxford Journal 30 June 1877.

Lucy died in 1892.


NOBLE, Alexander


(An Alexander Noble R.N. surgeon, died at Edinburgh on 24 November 1810

Alexander Noble was employed as surgeon on the convict ship Minstrel in 1812





Edward Nolloth was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ships Maria in 1849 (to VDL), the Hempsyke in 1851 and the Fairlie in 1852 (to VDL) 


He was listed in the Medical Register 1865 - Staff-Surgeon, Royal Navy. Qualifications Lic. Soc. Apoth. London. 1835 Extra Lic. 1845, Mem. 1863, Royal College Physicians London, Fellow Royal College Surgeons Engl 1857.



NOOTT, Isaac R.N., *28 June 1808

Isaac Noott was appointed surgeon in the Royal Navy in 1808.

He was employed as surgeon superintendent on two convict ships to Australia, the Bengal Merchant and the Layton

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 8th August 1816 - Marriage on 30 July 1816 at Plymouth of Isaac Noot Esq. of Haverfordwest, to Henrietta, daughter of William Gregg Esq. of Plymouth.

Appointed to the Tribune in 1818 - (Edinburgh Magazine)

Appointed  to the Revolutionaire in 1819  - (Morning Chronicle 29 January 1819)

Appointed to the Bellette in 1822 - (The Morning Post 3 October 1822)

Appointed to the Nimrod in 1824 - (Caledonia Mercury 14 October 1824)

Appointed surgeon on the Alfred in 1831

Appointed to the Stag in September 1834 (60)

Isaac Noot's first appointment as surgeon superintendent on a convict ship was to the Bengal Merchant which departed Sheerness 28 March 1838 and arrived in Port Jackson 21st July 1838.  He departed for London on the Kinnear on 21st August 1838 (SH 22 August 1838)

He was next employed as surgeon superintendent on the Layton which departed Portsmouth 13 July 1839 and arrived in VDL 7 December 1839. He kept a Medical Journal from 12 June 1839 to 14 December 1839.

He was on a list of Officers and Marines who served on board Her Majesty's Steam vessel Medea commanded by Frederick Barden Esq., employed on the coasts of Syria and Egypt in favour of the cause of his Imperial Majesty the Sultan ( Uk Medals and Award Rolls 1793 - 1972.

An explosion took place on the Medea on the morning of 20th November 1840. One man was killed and several others including Isaac Noot who was in the gun room at the time were seriously injured.......(The Morning Post 10 December 1840)


In 1841 he was on the list of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service and was appointed to the Royal Sovereign yacht in that same year. ....Hampshire Telegraph 10 May 1841

Isaac Noott died in 1843 and his obituary appeared in The Standard on 5th February 1844..... Surgeon Isaac Noott, R.N. (1808), Pembroke dockyard, was distinguished for his war services; served in the boats of the Meleagar, at the capture of a privateer off Cuba (1808); was surgeon of the Tweed at the taking of Martinique, 1809; and of the Blake, on the coast of Catatonia in 1812, and the following year. Mr. Noott was one of the sufferers from the explosion of a shell on board the Medea steam vessel, off Alexandria, in 1840, having been severely wounded on that occasion.

Death - Noott - On the 15th inst. at The Uplands, Brading, Isle of Wight, Edward Gregg Noott, Esq., late Surgeon 2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment, and youngest son of the late Isaac Noott Esq., Surgeon Royal Navy, aged 35. Hampshire Telegraph 21 December 1867



NUTT, Charles Kevern


In 1852 Charles K. Nutt of the Hotspur, 44, tender, was appointed Surgeon to the Excellent, gunnery ship at Portsmouth but stationed at Devonport for gunnery practice at that port

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the female convict ship Lloyds and kept a journal between 19th July and 12 November 1845.

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Anna Maria in 1852 (to VDL) 

Charles Kevern Nutt was on the Navy List of 1864 of Retired Deputy Inspectors General of Hospitals and Fleets. (3 September 1864)

He is listed in the Medical Register 1865. Residence 7 St. Helier's park crescent, New Southsea near Portsmouth, Hants. Qualifications - Member Royal College Surgeons Eng. 1826. Lic. Soc. Apoth. London 1826.



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