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Convict Ship Surgeons - M


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Convict Ship Surgeons - M

Samuel Mackay Waverley to VDL in 1842
D. Mackenzie Earl Spencer to NSW in 1813
Robert Maclean (McLean) Tory to VDL in 1847
Alexander C. Macleroy Phoebe to VDL in 1845
George David Maclaren William Hammond to W.A. in 1856
Benjamin McAvoy Margaret to VDL in 1843
Robert McCrea Eden to VDL and Port Phillip. Left the ship at the Cape because of illness
Thomas Wallis McDonald Hindostan to VDL in 1839; Lord Lyndoch to VDL in 1841
William McDonald Fanny to New South Wales in 1816; Larkins to New South Wales in 1817
William McDowell Lady East to VDL in 1824; Harmony to NSW in 1827; Diamond to NSW in 1838; Blenheimto NSW in 1839; Duncan to VDL in 1841; Triton to VDL in 1842
Alexander McKechnie Mandarin to VDL in 1840; Layton to VDL in 1841
James McKerrow Earl St. Vincent to VDL in 1826; John to NSW in 1827
Allan McLaren Hydery to VDL in 1832; Maitland to NSW and Norfolk Island in 1844
Colin McLaughlin Broxbournebury to NSW in 1814
Robert McLean Tory to VDL in 1847
John Macmillan Speke to NSW in 1808; Lord Melville to VDL in 1818
Daniel McNamara Lord Melville to NSW in 1817; Canada to NSW in 1819; John Barry to NSW in 1821
James McTernan Ocean to NSW in 1823 ; Sir Charles Forbes to VDL in 1827; Asia to NSW in 1828; Eliza to NSW in 1829; Lady Harewood to NSW in 1831; John Barry to NSW in 1836; Sara to VDL in 1837;
Patrick McTernan Mariner to NSW in 1827; Manlius to VDL in 1828; Katherine Stewart Forbesto NSW in 1830; Dunvegan Castle to NSW in 1832
James Ormiston McWilliam Forfarshire to VDL in 1843; Hydrabad to Norfolk Island in 1845
Patrick Magovern Minerva to NSW in 1839
Henry Walsh Mahon Isabella to NSW in 1840; Barossa to VDL in 1842
Maine Indian to NSW in 1810
Robert Malcolm Sovereign to VDL in 1827; Nithsdale to NSW in 1830
William Barrett Marshall Fanny to NSW in 1833
William Martin Hercules to NSW in 1830  There were two surgeons entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814 (William Martin (1) * 12 February 1804 and William Martin (2) *17 August 1815)
Martin Mason Britannia to NSW in 1798
Patrick Martyn Neptune to NSW in 1838;
James Alexander Mercer Asia to NSW in 1822; Albion to VDL in 1823; Asia (1) to NSW in 1825
James Mileham Ganges to NSW in 1797
Andrew Millar Anson to VDL in 1844
James Mitchell Neptune to NSW in 1820; Guildford to NSW in 1822; Guildford to NSW in 1824.
Andrew Montgomery Elizabeth to NSW in 1820
John Moodie Lord Auckland to VDL in 1849; Blackfriar to VDL in 1851
John Morgan Mary to NSW in 1819; ?Captain Cook to NSW in 1833
James Morice Midas to NSW in 1827
Harvey Morris David Malcolm to Norfolk Island in 1845; Elizabeth and Henry to VDL in 1847; Bangalore to VDL in 1848; Rodney to VDL in 1851; Robert Small to Fremantle in 1853
John Mortimer Fame to NSW in 1817
John Arnold Mould Sir Robert Peel to VDL in 1845
Jacob Mountgarrett Glatton to NSW in 1803
George Todd Moxey Margaret to NSW in 1839; Woodbridge to NSW in 1840; Susan to VDL in 1842; Mount Stewart Elphinstone to Moreton Bay in 1849
John Munro Emily to VDL in 1844



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