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Convict Ship Surgeons - L


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Convict Ship Surgeons - L

John James Lancaster Navarino to VDL in 1842; Lord Auckland to VDL in 1844
Archibald Lang Lord Sidmouth to NSW in 1819
Jason Lardner Woodbridge to VDL in 1843; Tasmania to VDL in 1845; Asia to VDL in 1847
James Lawrence Ann and Amelia to NSW in 1825; John to NSW in 1832; Lord Lyndoch to VDL in 1836; Cressy to VDL in 1843
Walter Lawrence Randolph in 1849
Emanuel Lazzaretto Grenada to NSW in 1819
Edward Leah Surry  to NSW in 1840
Frederick W. Le Grand Adelaide to NSW in 1849; Rodney to VDL in 1850; Marion to Fremantle in 1852
Thomas Leighton Marquis of Wellington 1815
Peter Leonard Royal Sovereign to NSW in 1834; Asia to VDL in 1836; Atwick to VDL in 1838; Candahar to VDL in 1842
Richard Lewis Morley in 1829; America to VDL in 1831; Persian to VDL in 1837; William Jardine in 1838; Hope to VDL in 1842
William Leyson Henry Wellesley to NSW in 1837
Charles Linton Surry to NSW in 1823; Guildford to NSW in 1827
Francis Logan Champion to NSW in 1827; Fanny to NSW in 1833; Royal Sovereign to NSW in 1835; Mangles to NSW in 1837
Thomas Logan Albion to NSW in 1828; Proteus to VDL in 1831
George Longstaff Minorca to NSW in 1801
John Love John to NSW in 1829; Mellish to VDL in 1830; Atlas to VDL in 1833; Backwell to NSW in 1835



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