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Convict Ship Surgeons - H


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Convict Ship Surgeons - H

James Hall Agamemnon to NSW 1820; Brothers to VDL and NSW 1824; Mary Anne to VDL and NSW 1822; Georgiana to VDL
John William Hallion Alexander to NSW and VDL in 1816; Isabella to NSW in 1818
Sir John Hamett Gilbert Henderson to VDL in 1840
James Hamilton Adamant to NSW in 1821; Chapman to VDL in 1824
John Macauley Hamilton Buffalo to NSW in 1833
William Hamilton Elizabeth to NSW in 1818; Maria to VDL in 1820; Norfolk to NSW in 1825
John Stephen Hampton Mexborough to VDL in 1842; Constant to VDL in 1843; Sir George Seymour to VDL in 1844
John Harris Surprize ;to NSW in 1790; General Hewitt to NSW in 1814
David Hartley Warrior from Calcutta to NSW in 1835
John Haslam Mariner to NSW in 1816
Andrew Henderson York to VDL in 1829; Florentiato NSW in 1830; Lord William Bentinck to VDL in 1832; Royal Admiral to NSW in 1833; Aurora to VDL in 1835; St. Vincent to NSW in 1837; Royal Sovereign to VDL in 1838 ; Hindostan to VDL in 1841; Emily to VDL in 1842
William Henderson Two surgeons by the name of William Henderson....(1) William Henderson *22 March 1797 (2) *29 October 1808) Charles Bateson in 'The Convict Ships' records William Henderson as surgeon superintendent on the convict ship Bussorah Merchant in 1830, however the signature on the Surgeon's Journal of the Bussorah Merchant seems to be the same as the signature on the Surgeon's Journal of the City of Edinburgh in 1828. Surgeon on the City of Edinburgh was William Anderson
Sir Edward Hilditch Susan to VDL in 1837; Theresa to NSW in 1839
Patrick Hill Atlas to NSW in 1816; Earl St. Vincent in 1820
Joseph Hislop Nile to NSW in 1801
John Hogan Marquis Cornwallis 1796
Joseph Hugh Hughes Chapman to VDL in 1826; Elizabeth to NSW in 1828
Richard Hughes Aeolus to NSW in 1809; Providence in 1811; General Hewitt in 1814
Archibald Hume Guildford to NSW in 1818; Coromandel in 1820
James Hunter Minerva to NSW in 1818; Prince Regent in 1820; Princess Royal in 1823
Thomas Hunter Competitor in 1828



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