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Convict Ship Surgeons - G


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Convict Ship Surgeons - G

Thomas Galloway R.N., Persian to VDL in 1830; Isabella to NSW in 1832; Asia to NSW in 1833; Henry Porcher to NSW in 1835; Susan to NSW in 1836
John Gannon R.N., Asia to NSW in 1837; Barossa to VDL in 1844
David Geddes R.N., Palmyra to VDL in 1846; Cornwall to VDL in 1851; Oriental Queen to VDL in 1853
John Gibson R.N., Westmoreland to VDL in 1841; Ratcliffe to VDL in 1848; Scindian to Fremantle in 1850; Minden to Fremantle in 1851
Thomas Gibson R.N. Somersetshire to VDL 1842; Neptune to VDL in 1850
James Gilchrist R.N. Mermaid to VDL in 1828; James Pattison to NSW in 1830; Bussorah Merchant to NSW in 1831
Harry Goldney R.N. Randolph in 1849
Michael Goodsir R.N., Hercules to NSW in 1825; Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1827; Waterloo to NSW in 1829; Royal George to VDL in 1830
James A. Gordon Mount Stewart Elphinstone in 1845 (VDL)
Peter Gossam Admiral Barrington in 1791
William Graham  Juliana in 1820 (VDL)
William Grey Neptune in 1790
William Gregor Medina in 1825 (to VDL), Cambridge in 1827 and the Royal George in 1828



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