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*Date of Seniority Royal Navy

EDWARDS, John R. N., *22 February 1809

John Edwards was included in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814

It may have been this John Edwards who accompanied Sir Edward Parry on his second voyage to discover a North-west passage in 1821:


John Edwards was later appointed Surgeon Superintendent to the convict ships Hercules in 1832  Henry Tanner in 1834 Roslin Castle in 1836 and Charles Kerr in 1837

John Edwards was on the List of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service in 1841. He was appointed Surgeon to the Excellent in that year. He was still serving on the Excellent in 1843 (26)



ELLIOTT, John Wilson *8 May 1838


John Elliott was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Marion to Van Diemen's Land. The Marion arrived in Hobart 16 September 1845. John Elliot kept a Medical Journal from 18th May to 24th September 1845.

He was Surgeon Superintendent of the Joseph Somes bringing Exiles which arrived in Sydney 23 October 1847. He kept a Medical Journal on the voyage of the Joseph Somes from 27 April to 8 October 1847....The Joseph Somes taken up by the Admiralty to convey male exiles to Hobart Town and Port Phillip fitted at Deptford and dropped down to Woolwich May 6th 1847 where she embarked her Guard and 165 male Exiles. On the 18th the ship quitted Woolwich for Cowes when she arrived on the 23rd of the same months and there 84 Parkhurst boys were received from Parkhurst Prison making a total of 249 then under my Superintendence. During the ships stay at Spithead several of the Parkhust Boys suffered from nausea and inability to take their food accompanied by more or less derangement of the bowels which ceased on going to sea. On the 4th June the ship sailed from Spithead, Wind at N.E.......(19)

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the Stately which arrived in Van Diemen's Land 2 September 1849 (Australian Medical Pioneer Index)


In 1851 John Elliott resided with his wife Susan in Salisbury Street, Westminster. John was 43 and Susan was 30 years of age. He gave his occupation as Surgeon, Royal Navy (half pay) and place of birth Ireland. The couple lodged at the house of Thomas Richards, a builder. (1851 UK Census)

John Elliott was Surgeon Superintendent on the Castle Ellen convict ship to Bermuda and kept a medical Journal from 9 November 1855 to 26 March 1856. (National Archives)

He was promoted to Deputy Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets on 10 October 1865 and was on the retired list of 1867.

He is listed in the Medical Register 1865. Date of Registration 1 January 1859 - Naval Hospital, Haulbowline, Queenstown, Ireland. Member of Royal College of Surgeons Engl 1828 M.D. Univ. K. Coll. Aberd. 1856.



ELLIS, James R.N., *26 July 1823

James Ellis was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Mersey in 1818 (Edinburgh Magazine)

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ships Hooghley in 1831, Diana in 1833,  Bengal Merchant in 1835 the Westmoreland in 1836 (to VDL) and the Waterloo in 1838.

He settled in Yass for a time and later returned to England where he died in 1863.

ELYARD, William R.N. *5 December 1797

In 1811 William Elyard was appointed surgeon to the Guard ship Tisiphone. Assistant surgeon on the Tisiphone was John Cochrane.

In October the Tisiphone came to the rescue of the passengers and crew of the Pomone frigate which struck on the Bridge rock while coming through the Needles at low water mark.(33)

William Elyard was included in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814

By 1821 William Elyard, a half-pay naval surgeon, and his wife Sarah, née Gilbert were compelled by his health and finances to emigrate to New South Wales. He arrived with his family on 18 December 1821, as surgeon-superintendent on the convict ship John Bull.....Australian Dictionary of Biography

He was on the List of Surgeons unfit for service in 1841

William Elyard died in 1853.....

Portrait of William Elyard


ESPIE, Robert  R.N., *4 February 1815


Robert Espie was included in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814

He was employed as surgeon superintendent on the following convict ships - Morley in 1817 Shipley in 1818  Dorothy in 1820 Lord Sidmouth in 1823 Lady Rowena in 1826 Mary 1830(VDL) Roslin Castle  in 1834 and Elizabeth in 1836

He received passage money after each voyage to return to England. In April 1819 seven naval surgeons all returned to England on the Shipley together(2).

On the voyage of the Dorothy to Australia in 1820 his brother George Espie accompanied him. They both received land grants in Van Diemen's Land and Robert was for a time acting-surgeon at Port Dalrymple, succeeding Jacob Mountgarrett in that position (1820). Both Robert Espie and George Espie and family returned to England on the Guildford in October 1820.

When Robert Espie married Janet Jerman Simons, the youngest daughter of William Simons of Sydenham on 17th January 1828 at St. Martin's in the Fields Church, Middlesex he was attached to H. M. S. Mersey. (34)

Robert Espie was on the List of Surgeons of the Royal Navy fit for service in 1841.

Robert and Janet Espie can be found in the 1851 Census living at Hanstead House in Hanstead Lane, Lewisham UK with three servants. Robert and Janet are 59 and 57 years old. Robert is stated to have been born in Co. Derry, Ireland.

Janet Jerman Espie died at Blyth Hill Sydenham, Kent aged 60 in 1854. In the 1861 Census Robert Espie is living in Bushey Hertfordshire with two servants and their young children.

He was on the 1864 List of Surgeons retired.

Correspondence of Michael Farraday

EVANS, Evan *1 October 1806

Evan Evans was included in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814

Evan Evans was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Malabar in 1819 and the Phoenix in 1822. He kept unusually detailed journals throughout the voyages.

The Morning Post announced in April 1823 that Evan Evans had been appointed surgeon on the Ocean convict ship to New South Wales, however this did not eventuate and James McTernan joined the Ocean as Surgeon just one day before she sailed.

EVANS, William

William Evans arrived in Australia as surgeon on the convict ship Indispensable on 18 August 1809. The Indispensable had departed England on 2nd March 1809.

In September he was appointed Assistant-Surgeon at Newcastle in 1809 and remained there for many years.

He was given permission to occupy 100 acres of land at Paterson in 1813 and this was later converted to a grant. Select here to find out more about William Evans and the location of his grant.



EVANS, William R.N., *24 July 1808

William Evans of the Royal Navy was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the following convict ships to New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land -

Sir William Bensley to NSW in 1817. No surgeon's journal available

Bencoolen  to NSW in 1819. He kept a medical journal from 13th April to 4 September 1819

Hindostan  to NSW in 1821. Surgeon's Journal from 25 June 1821 to 29 November 1821.

Asia to Van Diemen's Land in 1824. Surgeon's Journal 28 June 1823 to 3rd February 1824

Sir Godfrey Webster  to NSW in 1826. Surgeon's Journal from 13 May 1825 to 16 January 1826

Layton  to Van Diemen's Land in 1827

Lady of the Lake  to Van Diemen's Land in 1829

Larkins 1831 to Van Diemen's Land. Surgeon's journal from 17th May 1831 to 27 October 1831

Southworth to Van Diemen's Land in 1834. Surgeon's Journal from 31st August 1833 to 28 January 1834

Earl Grey  to NSW in 1836. Surgeon's Journal from 15th July 1836 to 31st December 1836.




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