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Convict Ship Surgeons - E


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Convict Ship Surgeons - E

John Edwards Hercules to NSW 1832; Henry Tanner to NSW in 1834; Roslin Castle to NSW in 1836; Charles Kerr to NSW in 1837
John Wilson Elliott Duke of Richmond to VDL in 1844; Marion to VDL in 1845; Joseph Somes in 1847; Stately in 1849
James Ellis Hooghley to NSW in 1831; Diana to NSW in 1833; Bengal Merchant to NSW 1835; Westmoreland to VDL in 1836; Waterloo to NSW in 1838

William Elyard John Bull to NSW in 1821
Robert Espie Morley in 1817;  Shipley in 1818; Dorothy in 1820; Lord Sidmouth in 1823;  Lady Rowena in 1826;  Mary in 1830(VDL); Roslin Castle in 1834; Elizabeth in 1836
Evan Evans Malabar to NSW in 1819; Phoenix to VDL in 1822
William Evans Indispensable to NSW in 1809
William Evans Sir William Bensley to NSW in 1817;  Bencoolen to NSW in 1819;  Hindostan to NSW in 1821;  Asia to VDL in 1824 ;  Sir Godfrey Webster to NSW in 1826;  Layton to VDL in 1827;  Lady of the Lake to VDL in 1829;  Larkins 1831 to VDL;  Southworth to VDL in 1834;  Earl Grey to NSW in 1836



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