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Convict Ship Surgeons - D


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Convict Ship Surgeons - D

Thomas Davie Atlas (II) 1802
Thomas Davies R.N., Medway 1821; Henry 1823; Asia (III) 1825
John Davidson R.N., Lord Auckland to VDL in 1852
David Deas R.N., Lord Petra to VDL in 1843
Alexander Dewar R.N., Chapman to NSW in 1817
James Dickson R.N., Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1824;  Woodford in 1826 to VDL;  Florentia to NSW  in 1828;  Norfolk to NSW in 1829; Vittoria to NSW in 1829.
Robert Dickson R.N., Java to NSW in 1833
John Dight Earl Cornwallis to NSW in 1801
John Dobie R.N., Princess Charlotte in 1824; Lady Nugent in 1837
Robert Dobie R.N., Garland Grove to VDL in 1841;  Ratcliffe to VDL in 1845
Samuel Donnelly St. Vincent to Hobart in 1850; Lady Montagu to Hobart 1852;  Adelaide to Fremantle in 1855; Edwin Fox  to Fremantle 1858
William Donnelly R.N., Emperor Alexander to VDL in 1833
James John Louis Donnet William Jardine to W.A. in 1852
Anthony Donoghoe City of Edinburgh to NSW in 1832; Parmelia to NSW in 1834; Hive to NSW in 1835; Calcutta to NSW in 1837
James Donovan M.D. Rajah to VDL in 1841
Michael Dorke Lord Hungerford to VDL in 1821
John Drummond Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1828; Prince Regent to VDL in 1830
John Duke Atlas to NSW in 1819;
John Dulhunty Sesostris to NSW in 1826
Robert Dunn Bussorah Merchant to NSW 1828; Dunvegan Castle to NSW 1830;  Jane to VDL in 1832
Thomas Russell Dunn  Augusta Jessie in 1840 ; Waverley to VDL in 1841.



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