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Convict Ship Surgeons - C


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Convict Ship Surgeons - C

Edward Caldwell  R.N. East London to VDL in 1843
Joseph Caldwell R.N. Lady Kennaway to VDL in 1851; Rodney to VDL in 1853; Sea Park to Fremantle 1854; Stag to Fremantle 1855; Clara to Fremantle 1857.
James Callam Supply 1788
Charles Cameron R.N. Midas to NSW 1825; Princess Charlotte to NSW 1827; Ferguson to NSW 1829; David Lyon to VDL 1830
John Campbell R.N. William Jardine to VDL in 1850
William Bell Carlyle Asia to NSW 1820; Morley to VDL 1823; Henry to NSW 1825 Andromeda to VDL 1827; Phoenix to NSW 1828; Marquis of Huntley to NSW 1830;
James Carmichael R.N. Samuel Boddington to VDL 1846;
Charles Carter R.N. Hibernia in 1819; Hebe in 1820; Arab in 1822; Sir Godfrey Webster 1823; Henry Porcher 1825.
James Leathem Clarke North Briton to VDL 1843; Greenlaw to VDL 1844; Joseph Somes to VDL 1846;
Richard Clarke R.N. Bellona to NSW in 1793
Robert Whitmore Clarke Baretto Junior 1850
Thrasycles Clarke Kains to NSW in 1831
George Clayton R.N. Shipley  to NSW in 1817; Globe to NSW in 1819; Competitor to VDL in 1823
Cleghorn Sydney Cove to NSW in 1807. *Possibly Alexander Cleghorn who was listed as Assistant Surgeon on the Navy List 1814.  Date of Seniority Royal Navy 8 May 1808.
William Clifford R.N. Harmony to VDL; Forth (1) to NSW in 1830; Norfolk to NSW in 1832; Sir Charles Forbes to NS in 1837
Edward Coates R.N. Speke to NSW in 1821;
Harman Cochrane R.N. Mary to VDL in 1823; Mariner to NSW in 1825; Boyne to NSW in 1826; Mangles to NSW in 1828
Patrick Coleman Georgiana to VDL in 1829. Patrick Coleman died on the voyage to Australia. David Conway took over as surgeon on the Georgiana.
John Connellan Tellicherry to New South Wales in 1806
Dennis Considen Scarborough 1788
David Barry Conway R.N. Manlius 1827; Georgiana to VDL in 1829
Joseph Cook R.N. Southworth to NSW 1822; Sir Charles Forbes to VDL 1825; Phoenix to NSW 1826; Louisa to NSW 1827; Mellish to NSW 1829; Forth to NSW 1830; Portland to NSW 1832
Peter Cosgreave R.N. Friendship 1818;
James Craigie Lady Castlereagh to NSW in 1818
William Crawford Lincelles to Fremantle in 1862. He is listed in the Medical Register of 1865 - Surgeon, Royal Navy, Qualifications: Lice Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh 1846.
James Creagh Janus in 1820. He died on the voyage out.
John Crocket Prince of Orange to VDL kn 1822; Mangles to NSW in 1824.
Alexander Cross Equestrian to VDL in 1852
Lennox Thompson Cunningham Hyderbad to VDL in 1849; Sir Robert Seppings in 1852
Peter Cunningham Recovery 1819;  Grenada 1821;  Recovery 1823;  Grenada 1825;  Morley 1828.



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