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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
135956 Tomlinson Joseph Aurora 1833 1837 Invermein GRC
Age 27. Assigned to Thomas Potter Macqueen

42959 Tyer Henry Aurora 1833 1838 20 March Paterson SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

182508 Tyer Henry Aurora 1833 14 September 1835 Lake Macquarie Gosford (Brisbane Water) Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1826 - 1874 (Ancestry)
Correspondence from Magistrate Jonathan Warner to the Colonial Secretary...Sir, With reference to your letter No. 35/704 of the 24th ult. I have the honor to report for the information of HIs Excellency the Governor that I have made further inquiry respecting Mr. Boughton s assigned servants being in charge of his salt works at the entrance of Reids Mistake. Constable Moses Carroll was there, by my orders on the 10 inst. and found the prisoners named in the margin (William Shay per Eliza; Henry Tyer per Aurora; and John Huggins per City of Edinburgh) there in charge - the same three men were there on the 18th July last when the bushrangers arrived there. William Shay is the responsible person there. I appears that there has not been a free or ticket of leave overseer in charge of the place since Mr Boughtons free overseer was drowned which accident occurred some months back. Mr. Boughton who resides at Patterson River, visits the establishment about once a fortnight.

136884 Tyers Henry Aurora 1833 1837 Paterson GRC
Age 27. Assigned to J.H. Boughton

120346 Waddilove William Aurora 1833 1841 15 January Paterson GG
Granted Ticket of Leave

99545 Waters Mark Aurora 1833 1841 23 December Scone SG
Granted Ticket of Leave

99546 Waters Mark Aurora 1833 1837 Invermein GRC
Assigned to H.C. Sempill.

13365 Watts Joseph Aurora 1833 1844 26 October Wollombi MM
Obtained ticket of leave

137383 Weatherlove (Waddilove) William Aurora 1833 1837 Paterson GRC
Age 28. Assigned to Thomas Bartie

137411 Welch James Aurora 1833 1837 Dungog GRC
Age 17. Assigned to Charles Windeyer

137449 Wesley (Westley) Thomas Aurora 1833 1837 Dungog GRC
Age 16. Assigned to Charles Windeyer

9791 Westley Thomas Aurora 1833 1843 25 November Murrurundi MM
Ticket of Leave granted.

81408 Westley Thomas Aurora 1833 1851 15 January Armidale bench MM
Ticket of leave cancelled for being absent from district

138107 Williams John Aurora 1833 1837 Invermein GRC
Age 25. Assigned to Archibald Bell junior. (two convicts by this name by this vessel)

183860 Williams John Aurora 1833 31 January 1837 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book - State Archives NSW; Roll: 136
Carder from Manchester. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Sydney. To be forwarded to Invermein to be dealt with for absconding

13329 Williams Thomas Aurora 1833 1844 26 October Paterson MM
Obtained ticket of leave

163669 Worad Henry Aurora 1833 1 August 1842 West Maitland Application to Marry
Henry Worad aged 32 arrived per Aurora, application to marry Ellen Edwards age 16 arrived free per Mary of Bristol. Granted

109915 Worad (Worrad) Henry Aurora 1833 1842 25 January Paterson SG
Granted Ticket of Leave

110376 Worrad William Aurora 1833 1837 Cassilis GRC
Assigned to Captain Clarke

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