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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
174816 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot Endeavour 1824 19th August 1824 Port Jackson Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle
Extracts of a Letter of Messrs. Tyerman and Bennet; Deputation from the Society to the South Sea Islands containing a narrative of their voyage from the Islands to New South Wales dated Sydney Nov 12 1824. .....Near midnight of the 19th August we came to an anchor in Port Jackson and next morning we landed at the town of Sydney.....Rev. Threlkeld and his eldest son were also on the Endeavour

167859 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot Lord Liverpool 1825 7 May 1825 Sydney to Newcastle Australian Reminiscences & Papers of L.E. Threlkeld. Edited by Niel Gunson
Rev. Threlkeld, wife, son and another couple sailed from Sydney to Newcastle on the Lord Liverpool. The vessel obtained her lading sooner than usual and could not take all the passengers' luggage with her, part was to be brought in the Eclipse another vessel on the following day. They had a smooth passage and arrived at Newcastle on the following day, Sunday and took up their abode at the Inn

105220 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot and Sarah - Baptism May 1829 Lake Macquarie 1826 - 1837 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Register Book of Christ Church [Cathedral] Newcastle p8
Baptism of Frances Hannah, daughter of Lancelot and Sarah Threlkeld

11878 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot E. - 1824 - -
Married Sarah Arndell 1824

108814 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot E. and Sarah - 1834 13 July Ebenezer, Lake Macquarie Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p.22
Missionary to the aborigines. Baptism of son Thomas Samuel

117639 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot Ebenezer - 1839 27 April Derahbam bah or Punte on Lake Macquarie GG 1839
Land Grant 1280 acres promised by Sir Ralph Darling 18th August 1829 and possession authorised 13th November as a primary grant

174817 Threlkeld (Indigenous Combat) Rev. Lancelot - 16 September 1825 Government Cottage, Newcastle Newcastle Morning Herald
On the 16th September, Rev. Threlkeld wrote, - the aborigines met to decide by mortal combat some disagreement; and, unfortunately, they chose the scene of action close to our house, just at a period when quietness was most needed, in the family circumstances. Many of them assembled and some were intoxicated. Their shouts, noise, clatter of spears and shields, with the loud whish of a weapon they throw in the air, were exceedingly annoying. But though they were highly enraged at my request, they departed and shortly afterwards they dispersed. Three of their number were wounded in the encounter. (This was the day of the birth of daughter Elizabeth Sophie) (NMH 11 September 1912)

165423 Threlkeld (obit.,) Rev. Lancelot - 22 October 1859 - The Australian Home Companion....
REV. L. E. THRELKELD. THIS gentleman, a colonist for forty years, and a minister for fifty years, has died suddenly. On Sunday, the 9th inst., after having twice preached, as usual, Mr. Threlkeld complained of illness, and a doctor was called in, but no change was apparent, and he retired ,to rest as usual. A daughter of the rev. gentleman, who was watching, was alarmed by a groan, and reached her father's side to find him insensible and receive his last sigh. His loss will be severely felt, for he spent his time amongst those who from their lonely positions will miss him much-the sick in the hospital, and the prisoner in his cell, were the objects of his constant attention. His principles were most liberal; he would speak in the highest terms of the Sisters of Charity, and always asserted the civil rights of the Roman Catholic citizens. Mr. Threlkeld was sent to the South Seas by the London Missionary Society in 1815, and after a brief stay in Sydney, proceeded to the Society Islands, where he continued till 1824, when he settled in New South Wales. Here Mr. Threlkeld spent some years amongst the Aborigines ; but in1842 he left the interior, having sacrificed all his property. In 1845 he became the minister of the Mariner's Church, where he continued till his death. He leaves behind him a numerous family, and an undying fame.

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