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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
71061 McCormack (?Cormack) John Hive 1835 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Assigned to Henry Briggs. Aged 30

66582 McCoy James Hive 1835 1838 14 February Muswellbrook GG
Soldier aged 34. Tried County Mayo. Absconded from T. Tindall

66659 McCoy James Hive 1835 1838 7 March Invermein GG
Apprehended after absconding from R. Pringle

67761 McCoy James Hive 1835 1838 31 October Patrick Plains GG
Soldier aged 34. Tried county Mayo. Absconded from R. Pringle since Oct 15

71072 McCoy James Hive 1835 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Assigned to Robert Pringle. Aged 31

107265 McCoy James Hive 1835 1842 January 1 Newcastle (hospital) Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Burials p8
Belonged to Maitland stockade. Died in Newcastle hospital. Burial date

117442 McCoy James Hive 1835 1839 20 February Patrick Plains GG 1839
Apprehended after absconding from service of Robert Pringle

183442 McCoy James Hive 1835 8 May 1839 Muswellbrook Police Office Title: Muswellbrook Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1838-1843.
William Atkinson per Guildford 1827 assigned to Mr. McCrohon, Robert Sheldon per Waterloo assigned to Edward Cory and advertised as a runaway from Mr. Burnetts service, Thomas Farrow per Mangles 1833 assigned to Edward Cory also advertised as a runaway from Mr. Burnetts service and James McCoy per Hive assigned to Mr. Pringle. Thomas Ward deposed - I am overseer to Mr. Williams at the Namoi river at Boggabri. I was there about 17 January last when a man came to my hut and asked for a drink which my wife gave him. He then went to the mens hut and got another drink. James Maloney told me that he saw this man hold up three of his fingers which he thought meant to let some others know that we were three men at the place. Immediately after four more men came walking up as quick as they could walk and gave the first man a pistol. Prisoner Thomas Farrow with a pistol in each hand stood over us telling us not to move and that they would not hurt us. Farrow said he would not hurt me as I was a poor man. They wanted nothing but provisions. They placed my wife, Edward Hollis and James Malony and a black boy all beside me. Another man stood at the back door with a pistol. He was the man who came up first and a third man stood over us beside Farrow while the remaining two searched the place. They took tea, tobacco, boots, clothing, silk handerchief, cheese, two pistols, knives and a lancet, a horse rasp, gunpowder and two quart pots. They offered no violence but I was in bodily fear. They took a watch which the man who came first gave back to us. The whole party was armed with pistols. Most of the property belonged to my master Mr. Robert Williams. James Rush deposed...I went down to another station and I left a man named Job Dews, an assigned servant of Mr. Bills in charge of my hut. I returned and saw the four prisoners in the hut. The prisoner Sheldon was the only one I recollected seeing before. Atkinson and Farrow presented their pistols at me. They said I was a great friend of the constables. Job Dews per Bengal Merchant assigned to Mr. William Bill deposed that the four prisoners were the men who robbed the station. The prisoners were committed for trial. - Note by Magistrate Edward Denny Day - I regret to state that the prisoners Atkinson, Sheldon and Farrow effected their escape from the watch house at Muswellbrook on the night of the 18th April last and are still at large

185247 McCoy James Hive 1835 22 February 1840 Muswellbrook Police Office Criminal Court Records. Muswellbrook Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1838-1851. Ancestry
Correspondence to Dr. John Goodwin re his charges of 2 pounds 7 shillings 6d. for attendance and medicine to James McCoy. The auditor general considered it too high and requested to be furnished with particulars and the amount of medicine included therein

73002 McDonogh Miles (Myles) Hive 1835 1837 Paterson GRC
Aged 29. Assigned to James Taylor

10212 McGrath Patrick Hive 1835 1844 27 January Scone MM
Ticket of Leave granted.

73797 McGrath Patrick Hive 1835 1837 Merton GRC
Assigned to Donald McIntyre per 'Hive' assigned servant

184132 McKeal (McHale) James Hive 1835 12 June 1837 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book - State Archives NSW; Roll: 136
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Merton on a charge of murder. Discharged to Sydney gaol 20 June 1837

75608 McLachlin (McLaughlin) William Hive 1835 1837 Invermein GRC
Assigned to Joseph Docker. Aged 28

98781 Mulcahy Timothy Hive 1835 1841 22 June Cassilis SG
Granted Ticket of Leave

128186 Mulramon Patrick Hive 1835 1836 - 37 Cassilis GRC
Ticket of leave holder age 26

116480 Murphy John Hive 1835 1841 23 February Scone SG
Granted Ticket of Leave

128340 Neale (Neill) Cornelius Hive 1835 1836 - 37 Patrick Plains GRC
Age 30. Assigned to Thomas Steele

127046 Neill Cornelius Hive 1835 1840 29 January Patrick Plains GG
Granted Ticket of Leave

165006 Neill (Neale) Cornelius Hive 1835 7 May 1841 West Maitland Application to Marry
Cornelius Neill age 36 arrived per 'Hive', application to marry Bridget Tracy age 20 arrived per 'Premier)

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