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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
122026 Powell Elias Aurora 1833 1842 21 January Sydney GG
Butcher aged 26 from Somersetshire; 5'5 1/2

180692 Powell Elias Aurora 1833 17 November 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Elias Powell per Aurora, assigned to Captain Biddulph and John Hardy per Marquis of Huntley assigned to Mr. Peter Rapsey of the Green Hills. Bushrangers.....Thomas Friar, free, living with Michael Leahy on Mr. Brooks farm at Lake Macquarie testified....On Sunday about noon, the two prisoners came to our hut door. They asked for some bread and water. We went with them down to where they had their things. We told them we thought they were runaways. They said they were. We took them in charge. They had in their possession a ham and pig cheek, some flour, two blue jackets, two duck trousers and a duck frock and one cotton handkerchief and a waistcoat, two razors. They made no resistance. James Riley, Mr. Warner s assigned servant was with me at the time we took the prisoners. They also had some lump sugar and soap....James Riely (Reilly) per Bussorah Merchant 1831, assigned to Jonathan Warner testified....About noon on Sunday I was in Michael Leahy s hut at Sadlers Flat eating my dinner with the family. The two Prisoners came into the hut and asked for a drink. They asked us if we would show them the way to Brisbane Water. Friar was standing outside the hut. We went part of the way with them. I said I thought I knew Powell. I asked him where he came from. He told me either from the Hunter or Williams River. I told them I thought it was a foolish thing to go to Brisbane Water at that time of day. They had better stop. I remarked again that I thought I had seen Powell on board the Jessy. He said he was on the Jessy. I told them I had heard that two men had run away from Captain Biddulph. Hardy admitted that they were the men. I said they were great fools for taking the bush. They would be sure to be taken as there was a constable on the road. I told them they had better give themselves up. Powell said he did not like to go back. Hardy said he would give himself up to me. They both agreed to give themselves up. They then gave up their things. Both prisoners were remanded

180703 Powell Elias Aurora 1833 17 November 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Elias Powell per Aurora assigned to Captain Edward Biddulph, John Hardy per Marquis of Huntley assigned to Peter Rapsey. Case resumed....Captain Biddulph testified...On the night Wednesday the eleventh of November my house was robbed of the following articles - two pieces of bacon, one ham, two pigs cheeks, some hung beef, two large bags containing about sixty pounds of flour, a small hamper or basket containing three newly baked loaves, a tin baking dish containing some fine flour, some raisons, some lump sugar, a quantity of moist sugar, two pieces of soap, one dish towel and some other little things. On inspecting the prisoners on Friday at the time I heard of the robbery I immediately suspected the prisoner Elias Powell who had absconded from my place on the preceeding Tuesday and from the quantity of goods taken I suspected he had an accomplice in carrying of the property. The premises bear no mark of violence but from a close inspection I suspect they were entered by a false key and the property passed out of the window into the garden. I have examined the property before the court and I can positively swear to one ham from a peculiar method of its being cured. The cheek is likewise every appearance of being my property, the two large bags are similar to mine and the one small one is of the same quality as mine. The raisons are a muscatel raison, the same quality as those I lost. the two pieces of soap correspond in size and quality...Thomas Friar testified....The property produced is that I took from the prisoners....Patrick McCasey assigned to Rev. Wilton testified....On Saturday morning last I left the Glebe about five or six and did not return until about eleven or twelve in the day. When I went back my fellow servant told me the place had been robbed. I came back again and reported it to my master. These were taken away by the robbers, one blue jacket, two pair of trousers, one waistcoat and a new shirt, a new frock, a brown spotted cotton handkerchief, two razors, a knife and a turnscrew the property of my master. Nicholas Campbell, assigned to Rev. Wilton testified...On Saturday morning last I went between five and six to turn the cattle into the field. I was away from the hut about Quarter of an hour. When I came back I missed out of the hut a small box, a half tea chest and two jackets. I do not know what was in the box. The jacket produced is mine, the one I lost. The hut door was unlocked....Constable Rouse testified...The whole of the property now produced in court is the property I found at Lake Macquarie which I have been informed was taken from the prisoners. The prisoners were committed to take their trial at the Supreme Court

117466 Prime David Aurora 1833 1839 6 March Newcastle GG 1839
Farm Servant aged 26 from Cambridge. 5' 6 1/4"; sallow complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Lost a piece of a front tooth right side of upper jaw. Tattoos. Absconded from John Elliott 18 February

117876 Prime David Aurora 1833 1839 19 June Newcastle GG 1839
Apprehended after absconding from John Elliott

172929 Prime David Aurora 1833 26 July 1842 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Gaol Entrance Book, Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757 (Ancestry)
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland on a charge of robbery. To be detained in Newcastle gaol until the next Quarter Sessions

12087 Prince William Aurora 1833 1844 6 July Merton MM
Ticket of Leave granted.

52448 Prince (Prime) David Aurora 1833 1836 February Newcastle BB
Serving colonial sentence at No. 3 stockade. Charged with disobedience of orders. Sentenced to 50 lashes

55104 Rant Thomas Aurora 1833 1843 26 August Maitland MM
Obtained Ticket of Leave

168524 Rant Thomas Aurora 1833 27 January 1842 Newcastle Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930; Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Wollombi. No offence recorded. Sent to Hyde Park Barracks

164280 Reading John Aurora 1833 28 January 1845 Singleton Application to Marry
John Reading age 31 arrived per 'Aurora', application to marry Margaret Fisher aged 34, arrived per 'Pyramus'

164282 Reading John Aurora 1833 16 May 1833 London The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Age 20. Sentenced to transportation for life for stealing, on 19th April, one handkerchief belonging to John Preston. (Pocketpicking)

93898 Reece William Aurora 1833 1834 28 May Paterson GG 1834
Tailor aged 26 from Huntington. 5'71/4" sallow compl, brown hair, hazel eyes, scar back of middle and little fingers of left hand. Absconded from Mr. Scott 26 May

129562 Renshaw Henry Aurora 1833 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Age 32. Assigned to James Bowman

129969 Riley (Riely) Thomas Aurora 1833 1837 Paterson GRC
Age 33. Assigned to George Townshend

112544 Roberts George Aurora 1833 1837 Dungog GRC
Assigned to Duncan Forbes Mackay

128696 Roberts George Aurora 1833 1837 26 June Williams River CDR

111362 Rodgers William Aurora 1833 1835 6 March Newcastle gaol NGE
Labourer from London. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Paterson. For trial at the Supreme court. Sent to Sydney gaol 11 March

120018 Rowden (Roden) Thomas Aurora 1833 1839 18 December Maitland GG
Granted Ticket of Leave

111327 Sampson Frederick Aurora 1833 1835 21 February Newcastle gaol NGE
Bricklayer fron London. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Port Stephens. Runaway from Port Macquarie. Awaiting the sailling of the cutter 'Lambton'

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