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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
82847 Greenwood Estate - - 1851 5 April Situated on south west side of the Maitland and Singleton Road MM
Greenwood Estate. Remaining portion of Greenwood Estate to be sold by auction. 100 acres

111895 Greenwood estate - - 1836 20 December Hunter River SG
Death of G.H. Green on 12th December at 'Greenwood'

137115 Halton Estate - - 1855 26 May Allyn River MM
Sale of cattle at Halton Estate

113279 Hampton estate - - 1841 19 October Lake Macquarie SG
Situated on the left bank of Cockle Creek. 25 allotments of half an acre each. Reserve for a wharf and market, Church and parsonage. For sale by the trustees of Messrs G. and E. Weller.

168824 Harrowby estate - - 23 November 1838 Hunters River SH
Death of Edward Robinson, solicitor late of Sydney, at Harrowby

68783 Hinton Estate - - 1844 19 October Adjoining the Bowthorn Estate The Bee
640 acres adjoining the Bowthorne Estate. Leased to small tenants. Homestead brick built cottage occupied by Mr. Bird

174127 Homebush Estate - - 13 April 1886 near Newcastle MM
Home Bush Estate - A Grant from the Crown to the Late John Field, Governor of Newcastle Gaol in 1837 and subsequent years. This splendid property comprises sixty acres of pasture and orchard beautifully situated on the banks of the navigable river Hunter midway between Newcastle and Maitland. Also a Stone Built Dwelling House containing four rooms, hall, verandah; two rooms 15ft by 12 ft; two rooms 15 feet by 15 feet; height of ceiling 11 feet; kitchen, two rooms built of stone. Outbuildings - shed, swine house etc.

92874 Huthfield Estate - - 1852 18 August Mulberry Creek MM
Christopher Cooper purchased the estate of Huthfield on Mulberry Creek. Court case re the rights of tenants and sub-tenants. Tenant Silas Gill; sub-tenant Mr. Groves. Decision in favour of Cooper who agreed to pay Groves a fair value for his growing crop

142029 Iona Estate - - 1865 13 July Paterson MM
Large patches of swamp because of lack of drainage

122999 Jooloogan Estate - - 1851 24 January Dart Brook, Scone GG
Dwlling house and offices at Jooloogan Estate robbed

92500 Kalburn Estate - - 1852 31 July near Trevallyn, Paterson River MM
Thomas Jones selling horse stock, bullocks, farming implements etc by auction at Kalburn

46899 Kangaroo Hills Estate - - 1846 3 October New England MM
William Smith, William Preston, Cornelious McCullock, Robert Cook and William Edye absconded from service of W. Dangar at Kangaroo Hills estate

57216 Kelso Place Estate - - 1849 8 August Singleton MM
Farms containing from 20 to 40 acres each with cottages on each

82613 Kelso Place Estate - - 1851 19 March Singleton MM
Adjoining the town of Singleton. Advertised to be let 750 acres

88698 Kelso Place Estate - - 1852 3 March 1 mile from Singleton adjoining the Glenridding Estate MM
3 farms, part of the Kelso Place estate advertised to be sold by A. McDougall

50009 Kensington Estate - - 1845 6 December Four Mile Creek MM

72410 Kilcoy Estate - - 1850 31 January Raymond Terrace MM
1140 acres divided into 3 or 4 small farms. Tomago with a neverfailing spring part of the property. Mr. Lunney tennant. Offered to be let on lease 60 pounds per year

39491 Kimmerghame Estate - - 1848 18 March Raymond Terrace MM
Michael Henderson selling by auction

164701 Knockfinn Estate - - 26 July 1856 Hunter River MM
Within eight miles of Maitland. To be sold by direction of Trustees of the estate of the late Vicars Jacob. 1526 acres land subdivided into farms. Situation on the opposite side of the river to Windermere and surrounded by the Dalwood Estate on the West, departed therefrom by the Hunter; on the north by Mr. Pritchetts grant; on the west by Mr. Hudson's property; the south by Mr. Nott's land

91179 Lennoxton Estate - - 1852 10 July Paterson River opposite the line dividing grants of George and James Adair MM
640 acres; Superior brick and shingled house with spacious verandah, 10 rooms; attached still house, wine house, six stalled stable, stores etc; vineyard of 4 acres; orchard of 4 acres; six miles from Paterson with good road to the town. Offered for auction

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