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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
105020 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1835 June Lake Macquarie Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Burials p.18
Assigned servant Benjamin Jones per 'Surry' died in Newcastle Hospital

106353 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1835 10 March Newcastle NGE
Ellen Johnson per 'Edward' assigned to Rev. Threlkeld on her release from Newcastle gaol

111152 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1835 24 January Newcastle NGE
Mary Griffen per 'Andromeda' assigned servant

111816 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1835 6 July Lake Macquarie NGE
Margaret Kearney per 'Southworth' assigned servant

113963 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1828 Pitt St. Sydney A.O. NSW. Convict Indent. Fiche 668
Margaret Grady per 'City of Edinburgh' assigned servant

116373 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1837 Newcastle GRC
John Jones per 'Surry' assigned servant

117931 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1823 20 November Raiata American Missionary Register, Volume 6. United Foreign Missionary Society
Letter of Messrs Threlkeld and Williams, addressed to the Directors

117932 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1825 October Raiatea, Society Islands Missionary Register Volume 13 by Church Missionary Society
Obituary of Mrs. Threlkeld from a letter written by Mr. Williams a fellow missionary of Rev. Threkeld's

124151 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1859 13 October at his residence William Street (?Sydney) SMH
Formerly Missionary at the South Sea Islands and for many years Bethel Chaplain. Died on 10th October aged 71 years

125106 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1835 15 July Lake Macquarie NGE
Rose Harper per 'Numa' assigned servant

129216 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1837 Newcastle GRC
Mary Ann Perkins per 'Diana' assigned servant

129993 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1837 Newcastle GRC
Joseph Roberts per 'Mary Ann' assigned servant

132114 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1846 20 November - SMH
Marriage of W. Soole jun., and Agnes eldest daughter of W. Robertson of Sydney on 19th November. Minister Rev. L.E. Threlkeld

133232 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1838 27 July Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
John Jones, George Dickinson, William Hudson, George Howard Lawrence, Benjamin Sellars, Richard Walsh, Jesse Barton, all assigned to Rev. Threlkeld and all charged with disorderly conduct after a dispute about meat rations. Remanded. Isaac Powell employed as Overseer at Threlkeld's

133293 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1839 27 May On board the steamer Tamar on the voyage from Sydney to Maitland This errant lady: Jane Franklins overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney
Rev. Threlkeld introduced to Lady Jane on the voyage to Maitland. Described by her as a dingy elderly, plain man. When asked about his Grammar, informed Lady Jane that it could not be purchased in book shops and he had not a copy himself, only two people having copies, the Colonial Secretary and one other

137644 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1838 18 September Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Assigned servant Michael Cavenagh sentenced to 50 lashes for disobedience of orders after he absconded to Newcastle to check on a letter which Rev. Threlkeld had assured him had been posted with his own.

138417 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1873 28 November - SMH
Death of Martha, eldest daughter of the late Rev. L.E. Threlkeld on 27th November aged 54 years

138418 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1825 29 December Port Jackson SG
Miss Martha and Miss Tabitha Threlkeld, daughters of Rev. Threlkeld of the London Missionary Society passengers on the Haweis from the Society Islands

138420 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1838 7 May From Maitland SH
Witness at the trial of Long Jack who was found guilty of killing his wife with a waddy

140880 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1936 4 April Ebenezer, Lake Macquarie SMH
James Jervis' correspondence re Rev. Threlkeld's grant at Derahbamba, Punte (Ebenezer)

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