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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
78064 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1825 3 February Reid's Mistake SG
10,000 acres of land in vicinity of Reid's Mistake made over at the instance of the London Missionary deputation in trust for natives

78409 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1827 1 January Sydney SG
Robert Campbell requesting that drafts drawn on his by Rev. Threlkeld be presented for payment

78410 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1826 27 November - SG
Intending to abandon his mission at Reid's Mistake

78426 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1827 6 March - Australian
Commenced founding a mission between Port Jackson and Newcastle. Land cleared and houses begun with the assistance of natives

78468 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1827 13 June Lake Macquarie Australian
Discovered coal near the house he was building at Lake Macquarie

78603 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1830 7 October Lake Macquarie SG
Recently completed the first rough translation of a portion of Scriptures into the language of the aborigines of the colony

78661 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1831 17 December Newcastle SG
Rev. Threlkeld and Dr. Brooks on board the steamer Sophia Jane when she received the first 2 tons of coal from the new A.A. Company workings

80461 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - - 1833 20 April SG
Presented address to the Governor on his visit to Newcastle

82130 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1836 2 February Newcastle SG
Acting as interpreter for two Newcastle aborigines who were committed for trial for the murder of one of their tribe at Windsor

82148 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1836 April Lake Macquarie Backhouse
Visited by James Backhosue and his party

82212 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1837 2 October Lake Macquarie SH
Small windmill at Threlkeld's property damaged by lightening

82498 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1851 12 March - MM
Marriage of Elizabeth only daughter of Dr. Montgomery to James Donaldson on 4th March. Officiating minister Rev. Threlkeld

88402 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1841 21 April Lake Macquarie FP
Coal from Mr. Threlkeld's mine at Lake Macquarie to shortly arrive in Sydney. Those wishing to trial the coals to apply to Samuel Miller, Erskine Street

93206 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1831 5 March Newcastle NGE
Bridget Neil per 'City of Edinborough' assigned servant

93948 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1834 18 June Lake Macquarie GG 1834
James Croft offering for auction in Lots to suit purchasers, the Materials of a House formerly erected by the London Missionary Society

94028 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1831 29 April - NGE
Alice Green per Kains assigned servant

95381 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1831 15 June Newcastle NGE
Alice Green per 'Kains' admitted to Newcastle gaol by order of Newcastle bench. Sentenced to 20 days solitary confinement and to be deprived of her hair. Sent to private service of Rev. Threlkeld 5 July

95504 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1831 28 June Newcastle NGE
John Ryan per 'Boyne' assigned servant

97785 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1831 5 September Newcastle NGE
Jane Wright per 'Palambam' assigned servant

102325 Threlkeld Rev. Lancelot - 1841 8 May Ebenezer, Lake Macquarie SG
Rev. Threlkeld's report on the aborigines

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