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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5311 Hely F.A. - - Eraring Reid's Mistake, Keith H. Clouten
Leased land at Eraring.

6191 Hely F.A. - 1832 - 1832 Directory N.S.W.
Residence on east bank of Narara Creek. 'Tangi Dangi'

13982 Hely F.A. - 1832 9 August Brisbane Water SG
Soloman Hitchcock assigned servant

20195 Hely F.A. - 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
David Anderson assigned servant

136823 Hely F.A. - 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
Ginger Treagle per 'Lady Nugent' assigned servant

46866 Hely Fanny Isabella 1823 23 December Newcastle CSI
Daughter of Frederick Hely, superintendent of convicts, passenger on 'Isabella'

66381 Hely Frances - 1841 20 November Sydney Omnibus
2nd daughter of F.A. Hely. Married D.A.C.G. Strickland

140937 Hely Frederick - 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
James (Joseph) Bell per 'Clyde' assigned servant

105310 Hely Frederick A - 1880 25 December of Inglewood, Cooranbong MM
Killed in an accident on July 9th. Also at Glebe Cottage, West Maitland, on December 21st, Frederick Gordon Pierce Hely, only son of Frederick A. Hely aged 4 1/2

105312 Hely Frederick A - 1828 4 April - SG
Taking over the duties of Superintendent of Police, Col. Morisset while Col. Morisset visited Newcastle for a few days

163206 Hely Frederick A - December 1827 - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 668
Sarah Radford per 'Louisa' assigned servant

7108 Hely Frederick A Isabella 1823 1825 5 April Brisbane Waters CSI
Requested appointment of constable at Brisbane Waters to protect settlers against bushrangers and escaped convicts from Newcastle

46036 Hely Frederick and Georgina - 1823 23 December Newcastle CSI
Servant Catherine Greenham arrived as passenger on board the 'Isabella'

46870 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1824 21 October Reid's Mistake CSI
Robert Crawford allowed temporary ocupation of land near Reid's Mistake 20 miles from reserve lately made to Hely

105311 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1826 23 December Sydney SG
Appointed Principal Superintendent of Police Dept., in the absence of the present Superintendent who obtained leave in consequence of ill health

117638 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1839 27 April Nerara, Brisbane Water GG 1839
Land Grant. 300 acres promised by Sir Thomas Brisbane 10th November 1825

128123 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1837 27 December Sydney The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register
Marriage of Gother Kerr Mann Esq., of the Bombay Horse Artillary and Mary, eldest daughter of the late F.A. Hely of Engehurst, Sydney

130413 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1841 19 November St. Mary's Cathedral SH
Marriage of Goward Strickland, Deputy Assistant Commissary General and Georgiana Fanny, second daughter of the late Frederick Hely, Englehurst on 18th November. Minister - Rev. Francis Murphy, Vicar General and afterwards at St. James by the Rev. Robert Allwood

133447 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
Abraham Sidebottom per 'Isabella' assigned servant

140923 Hely Frederick Augustus - 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
Peter Allcock per 'Marquis of Huntley' assigned servant

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