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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
23767 Mudie James - 1834 29 March Hunter River SG
Assigned a convict labourer, butcher and two farm servants in January 1834

24661 Mudie James - 1834 12 April Castle Forbes SG
Assigned servant Thomas Chitwood absconded from service

24663 Mudie James - 1834 19 April Castle Forbes SG
Assigned servant James Mooney absconded from service

24667 Mudie James - 1834 26 April Patrick Plains SG
Assigned servant Edmond Burt absconded from service

24677 Mudie James - 1834 24 May Patrick Plains SG
Assigned servant Edward McCaffer absconded from service

24679 Mudie James - 1834 24 May Patrick Plains SG
Assigned servant Edward Hillsden absconded from service

27981 Mudie James - 1823 9 September Newcastle CSI
Assigned servant William Adams permitted to travel to Newcastle per 'Mermaid'

28109 Mudie James - 1823 - Historical Records of Newcastle
Free selector of land in Newcastle/ Hunter Valley

29167 Mudie James - 1834 12 June - SG
Assigned servant Steven Parret apprehended after absconding from service

29240 Mudie James - 1834 12 July Hunter River SG
Offering 10 reward for bay pony missing from Castle Forbes

29355 Mudie James - 1834 24 July Morpeth SG
Purchased allotment in Morpeth for 100

29959 Mudie James - 1834 11 November - SG
Gave subscription for a new Church at Maitland

32431 Mudie James - 1824 October Newcastle CSI
Assigned servant Henry Brady per Asia 1822 absconded from service.

32921 Mudie James - 1823 22 August Newcastle CSI
Convict servant Edward Brenton per Phoenix permitted to pass from Windsor to Newcastle with sheep

37356 Mudie James - 1840 26 October Sydney SC
Horsewhipped in the street by son of Dr. Kinchela

37451 Mudie James - 1823 22 August Newcastle CSI
Servant John Cox permitted to pass with cattle from Windsor to Newcastle

37492 Mudie James - 1824 21 September Patrick Plains CSI
William Crisp assigned servant witness against Mudie

39679 Mudie James - 1823 January; 1825 Castle Forbes Colonial Secretarys Correspondence. James Mudie to Magistrate Robert Scott
James Edgar per 'Mariner' punished at Newcastle for refusing to work on Mudie's farm and for insolence. By 1825 Mudie held James Edgar in high regard. He wrote the following letter recommending him for a ticket of leave......The bearer James Edgar, one of my bonded men and who has been in my employ snce I first came to this part of the country has conducted himself with so much propriety that I feel very anxious to render him some service for the first few weeks he was with me he was led away by ill advisers, but his conduct for these last two years has fully made up for that, he has been eight years and a half in the country and has about four to serve and I have no doubt if you will sign his peitition I shall be able to obtain him a ticket of leave and I think I can venture to pledge myself he will not discredit your recommendation, and as you are the residence Magistrate in this part of the Colony and Edgar never having been brought before you upon any complaint whatever and as I have every reason to believe him to be honest, sober and industrious, I am inclined to think the Goverment on my explanation will grant him the indulgence asked, and I can assure you I am entirely actuated by his conduct (and I also consider it may be an inducement to others following his example). In parting with this man I lose the best I have got, but I wave that on the man's account.

42211 Mudie James - 1823 23 July Newcastle CSI
George Frost per General Stuart assigned servant. Permitted to proceed from Windsor to Mudie's farm in the vicinity of Newcastle

42213 Mudie James - 1824 2 October - CSI
George Frost overseer at Mudie's farm

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