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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
91932 Lowe William - 1863 Clarence Town Australian Almanac

95421 Lowe William - 1852 16 October Glen William MM
Signed public letter to Mr. & Mrs. Madgwick thanking them for their efficient manner of educating children and wishing them success at 'the place to where the Board of National Education moved them'

95866 Lowe William - 1852 30 October Glen William MM
Letter thanking William Lowe, David Blain and others who signed Testimonial to Mr. Madgwick

98448 Lowe William - 1853 12 March Clarencetown MM
Witness at the trial of Fitzarthur Hogue, William Smith and Henry Gaggin

98661 Lowe William - 1853 19 March Clarencetown MM
Advertising farms to let

101216 Lowe William - 1833 24 August Williams River SG
Signature on petition to Legislative Council by Hunter River district inhabitants regarding the 'Summary Punishment Bill'

108440 Lowe William - 1836 4 May Williams River GG 1836
Partnership between James Marshall and William Lowe of Williams River (shipbuilders) dissolved by mutual consent. All claims or debts to be sent to William Lowe. Witness W.L. Dowling

117536 Lowe William - 1839 30 March Paterson GG 1839
Sidy Mahomed Maccors per 'Symmetry' absconded from service

119589 Lowe William - 1839 16 October Clarencetown GG
Sidy Mahomed (Maccors?) per Symmetry absconded from service

121189 Lowe William - 1864 Clarencetown Australian Almanack

124799 Lowe William - 1835 1 July Williams River NGE
Ann Davis per 'Caroline' assigned servant

125660 Lowe William - 1863 12 February Clarence town SMH
Justice of the Peace. Commissioned to give consent to the marriages of minors

128245 Lowe William - 1836 - 37 Paterson GRC
Margaret Murphy per 'Hooghley' assigned servant

136350 Lowe William - 1836 11 February Patterson's Plains SH
Signed address to John Wighton on the occasion of Wighton's resignation as Chairman of the Association for the suppression of Cattle Stealing

138209 Lowe William - 1866 16 October Deptford, William River MM
Marriage of Gavin Ralston Esq., of Ahalton and Agnes Margrette, second daughter of William Lowe Esq., J.P., on 9th October 1866. Minister Rev. John L. McSkimming, of Singleton Free Church

142113 Lowe William - 1867 Deptford, Clarence town Bailliers Official Postal Directory p. 84

142364 Lowe William - 1870 25 October Clarence town MM
Robert Newson sentenced to 3 yrs hard labour in Maitland Gaol for stealing 4 calves belonging to William Lowe. Witnesses Edwin Frederick Lowe, Constable Ward, Morgan Blandford, Orland Vaisey, Charles O'Neil, Kate Newson, George Newson

155253 Lowe William - 1873 27 November Deptford, Clarencetown MM
Marriage of Donald Charles,, third son of Daniel Capel of Piedmont, Barraba to Fanny Wilhelmina, fourth daughter of William Lowe of Deptford Clarencetown on 19 Nvoember 1873. Minister Rev. W.S. Donald

179194 Lowe William - 28 February 1840 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 136
Johanna Kiely per Margaret assigned to Mr. Lowe on 28 February1840

180686 Lowe William - 11 November 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Ann Davis alias Davison, per Caroline, assigned to William Lowe of Clarencetown, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct.....William Lowe testified....Yesterday morning about 12 oclock, I sent the prisoner on shore from the new steam vessel Ceres, to get some clothes washed and to return immediately she had given them to the washerwoman. She came on board about sunset quite tipsy, noisy and abusive. I was obliged to sent for a constable and give her in charge...Prisoner gave no defence. Guilty. Sentenced to 14 days in the cells and returned to government

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