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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
137114 Terrura Estate - - 1855 26 May Paterson MM
Terrura and Tilimby Estates sale

52926 Thalaba Estate - - 16 April 1833 William River SG
Estate of 2560 acres on Williams River within eight miles of Clarence Town adjoining the township reserve of Wallarobba. For Sale

127152 Tilligra Estate - - 1886 17 April near Dungog SMH
2000 acres of well grassed, permanently watered first class pastoral and agricultural land with extensive frontage to Williams River and favorably known as the property of James Irwin. Two substantially erected cottages, stables, stockyards, bull paddock, ring paddock for excercising stallions etc. For sale by Auction

127153 Tilligra Estate - - 1847 24 November near Dungog MM
Farm of four sections. To be let for a term of Years. House, Barn, and offices, garden and orchard; constant good water with some fine brush land yet to clear. Application to Charles Windeyer of Sydney or Archibald Windeyer of Raymond Terrace

112747 Tillimby Estate - - 1854 11 March Paterson MM
Property of J.H. Boughton. To be sold. 6000 acres + brick built dwelling house, offices, stables, coach house, smithy etc

162225 Torryburn Estate - - 30 November 1875 Allyn River MM
Death of Jane Anne, wife of Robert Logan at Torryburn on 28th November

162226 Torryburn Estate - - 28 October 1837 Allyn River SG
POSTPONEMENT OF SALE."" TORRYBURN."Four Thousand Acres on the Banks~of the Allyn River ,ISAAC Simmons & Co. Have been instructed by Peter M,Intyre, Esq. ,to bring to unreserved Sale tomorrow the 18th November, at the "Royal Hotel Sydney, precisely at Twelve o'clock, ALL that capital estate in the County of Durham, and district of Paterson, well known as TORYBURN, containing by Deed of Grant, four thousand Acres, 'and without exception, one of the finest Farms in the Colony. It is situate in the midst of the highly improved Properties of Messrs. Townshend, Adair, Park, Boydell, &c. &c; This fine Estate was selected by the late John McIntyre, Esq., many years ago, on account of 'the rich quality of the soil and pasture-its abundance of water in the drought seasons, having upwards of two miles river frontage, and a creek of pure water of Limestone runs through the centre of the estate-its inexhaustible supplies of lime stone and its contiguity to the rising population of Maitland and Paterson. Torryburn is about six miles distant from navigation, so that the dairy and farm produce may be conveniently shipped to Sydney by the numerous Trading vessels and Steam boats at a trifling expense. About two hundred Acres are enclosed by substantial fence, and nearly one hundred Acres are under cultivation. There is a Dwelling-house, Dairy; and Store; and at excellent lofty Shingled Barn, about eighty feet long, eighteen. feet high with joists laid for a Granary, and a secure Stockyard lately erected, capable of containing 1000 head of cattle

112071 Toryburn estate - - 1850 30 October Allyn River MM
4000 acres adjoining Mr. Dalgleish's property with frontage to Allyn River. For sale

73272 Tyringham estate - - 1850 23 March Armidale MM
Estate formerly belonging to Dr. Blick now owned by Samuel Cohen

52937 Underbank estate - - 6 January 1849 near Dungog MM
Partition of the Bank of Australia Properties - The drawing of the lots in the partition of these properties took place in Sydney on Mon- day, Tuesday, and Wednesday last, on the plan previously described in the Mercury. The highest prize in the lottery fell to the share of a small settler, named Angus McDonald, residing as a tenant farmer on the Bolwarra Estate, close to Maitland. Mr. McDonald had purchased from Mr. Craig the ticket numbered 3374, and one day last week he offered to Sell to a neighbour half his chance for 2, but for- tunately for himself the offer was not accepted. On Tuesday this ticket drew lot No: 1, the estate of Underbank, on the Upper William River, consisting of 8320 acres, with mansion, &c., &c, and, with 3,700 head of cattle, and 40 horses, running on the estate, and on the station named Cryan, on the Barwin River, the right to this station being given in ; the whole being valued in the published schedule at 6,000.

110668 Underbank Estate - - 1854 14 January Upper Allyn River, Gresford MM
Thomas Ballard, Manager for the Guardian of the Underbank Estate

140811 Underbank Estate - - 1845 3 May Upper Williams River SMH
Offered for sale. 8320 acres with the house, offices, barns, stockyards, vineyard, cattle paddocks and out stations

66347 Warrabella Estate - - 1840 14 October County Durham between Rivers William and Chichester CJ
2600 acres to be divided into 3 lots and auctioned.Contained large growth of finest Cedar. Abundant water and grass

113280 Wellersley Estate - - 1841 19 October 8 miles from Newcastle, Hexham SG
Situated on Iron bark Creek, 27 allotments of half an acre each. For sale

96848 Windermere estate - - 1853 8 January - MM
Bushfires at Windermere

113643 Windermere Estate - - 1854 22 March Seven miles from West Maitland MM
Owner John Nott leaving the Colony. Homestead or Mansion with extensive outbuildings, garden, boiling down, vineyard etc for sale

142034 Woodville Estate - - 1843 7 January - MM
The Estate of John Galt Smith

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