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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
65337 Zouch Captain Henry - 1835 11 December not Hunter District Australian
Captured 3 natives from the tribe that had murdered Mr. Cunningham. Recovered Cunningham's bones and articles that had belonged to him

113735 Zouch Captain Henry - 1861 26 February Blackguard Gully, Lambing Flat The Moreton Bay Courier
Arrested fifteen men who had driven off 200 Chinese men, burning tents and blankets and injuring several Chinese

124011 Zouch Captain Henry - 1863 8 August Goulburn The Argus, Melbourne
A horse belonging to Zouch stolen by bushrangers Johnny O'Malley and John Vane

132324 Zouch Captain Henry - 1861 18 January Burrangong (Lambing Flat) SMH
Established temporary Escort for parcels of gold from the Lambing Flat diggings

88996 Zouch Commissioner Henry - 1852 17 March Turon gold diggings MM
Tent entered while he was at dinner and money stolen

80518 Zouch Ensign Henry - 1833 13 December - Australian
Testified in Court for Anthony Hitchcock. Had lived in quarters directly over Hitchcock's at Newcastle and knew him to be trustworthy and not likely of such an outrage as murder

64875 Zouch Ensign Henry Asia 1831 1831 3 December - SG
Arrived passenger on the 'Asia'.

45458 Zouch Henry - 1843 Bathurst Brabazon
Settler at Bathurst

65450 Zouch Henry - 1836 1 November - Australian
In Command of Mounted Police at Bathurst. Witness at trial of T . Bates

65788 Zouch Henry - 1851 19 November - MM
Appointed Assistant Commissioner of Crown lands for the gold districts

86891 Zouch Henry - 1851 19 November - MM
Appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands for the gold districts

101107 Zouch Henry - 1837 2 December Liverpool SG
Appointed Justice of the Peace

102083 Zouch Henry - 1840 22 January Bathurst GG 1840
Court of Claims - Richard Brooks of Denham Court, Representative of Maria Zouch, wife of Henry Zouch

119422 Zouch Henry - 1839 14 August From Bathurst. GG
Claim for land - 640 acres County of Murray first located on order by Gov. Darling's dated 20 Nov. 1826 in favour of John Scarr who sold to Richard Brooks, deceased who devised to daughter Emma, wife of Henry Zouch

122509 Zouch Henry - 1862 7 March - The Courier (Brisbane)
Appointed Superintendent of Police NSW

132322 Zouch Henry - 1861 18 June Goulburn SMH
Marriage of William, eldest son of Hugh Wallace of Nithsdale, Braidwood and Mary Theresa, eldest daughter of Henry Zouch Esq., superintendent of the southern patrol on 12th June. Minister REv. William Sowerby

42901 Zouch Lieutenant Henry - 1833 9 December Newcastle R v. Hitchcock SC
Jury member who testified to Hitchcock being a trustworthy quiet man who had lived under Zouche's quarters at the Police office

42902 Zouch Lieutenant Henry - 1834 April - NHJ
Officer of 4th Regiment took convicts to Norfolk Island in the 'Governor Phillip' and returned

42903 Zouch Lieutenant Henry - 1834 July Newcastle NHJ
Stationed at Newcastle with 30 - 40 men of 4th Regiment

42904 Zouch Lieutenant Henry - 1834 July Newcastle NHJ
Accompanied Baron Charles Von Hugel on an expedition to Glenrock Lagoon

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