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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
64415 Young Constable Robert - 1830 10 March Newcastle Australian
Dismissed from position of constable for neglect of duty

181087 Young Constable Robert - 10 January 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Thomas Kelly per Dorothy, in the service of government, charged with theft at Patrick Rileys house at Newcastle...Catherine Riley states....The prisoner came to my husbands house on Saturday night last. When he was going away I detected him with a quart pot under his arm. He told me he was going for some beer. Ours is a licensed house and we have beer for sale. I gave the prisoner in charge to a constable. Constable Robert Young states..I saw the prisoner with a quart pot in his possession as he was leaving Mrs. Rileys house - she claimed it. He was taken to the watch house. The prisoner admits he took away the pot but alleges in excuse that he was drunk and did not know what he was doing. Sentenced to hard labour in the gaol gang for two months

181929 Young Constable Robert - 21 June 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Timothy Duffy per ship Countess of Harcourt, in government service, charged with theft....John Thomas states - On Tuesday morning between one and two oclock, I heard a slight noise in the skilling behind my cottage. I got out of bed and going round to the rear I saw a man run into a shed adjoining. I called out for a constable, who lived close by who immediately came to my assistance. He went into the shed and brought out the prisoner who addressed himself to me saying - As there is nothing gone, you may as well let me off - Robert Young, constable states - Yesterday morning I was alarmed by Thomas calling on me for assistance. I got out of bed and hastened to where he was standing; he told me the skilling had been entered and that the man who had done it was in my shed. I went in and brought out Duffy. At the door of the skilling there was a box which had been forced open. It belongs to a woman who occupied the skilling but who at that time was absent on duty at the hospital. The lock of the skilling door had been opened with a false key which I found; inside there was a bundle made up ready to carry away. The prisoner states - I was passing by on my way to my work at the mines; I had occasion to go into the shed and they said I had broke into the skilling. Timothy Duffy sentenced to 3 years extension of his original sentence

182351 Young Constable Robert - 23 January 1827 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Thomas Welsh in the service of government charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct in barracks. Constable Robert Young states - last night about 1/2 past nine, the watchman at the barracks came to me and reported a disturbance in Room No. 1. I went and opened the door and found Welsh stripped for fighting. I was desired by the overseer of the barracks to remove Welsh to the watch house. He (Welsh) was intoxicated. Chief Constable George Muir stated - Last evening Welsh was absent at the muster and a little after 8 o clock he was brought to me by two constables. He appeared as if he had been drinking in the course of the day. I sent him to the barracks and shortly after he was returned on a charge of disorderly conduct.. No defence. Sentenced to 30 lashes

182372 Young Constable Robert - 7 February 1827 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Richard Keys, in the service of government charged with conniving at a theft and withholding the property. Thomas Liddle states - I lost a pair of shoes the night before last after locking hours in barracks; they were taken from my feet as I slept. I reported the loss of the shoes and also a handkerchief to the watchman and a search was made in the ward, but to no purpose. I then offered a reward of a dollar for the shoes and handkerchief, and soon after I was told that the shoes had been found by Keys the wards man. I went to him and he took me into the mill room and showed me the shoes now before the Court which were stolen from me; they were secreted under a blanket. As Keys seemed to hesitate about giving them to me without my paying the reward, and I not then having a dollar, I left him and went to Constable Young and told him where my shoes were. Constable Robert Young states - Yesterday evening Liddle told me that Keys had his shoes. I went to Keys who was in bed; I asked him for the shoes which he immediately gave me. He took them from under his pillow. The prisoner states - I never objected to give Liddle his shoes - I found them on cleaning out the ward, secreted under the floor. Richard Keys sentenced: To be logged (?) for 3 months

162570 Young Martha and Robert - 1 September 1825 Newcastle The Australian
Notice - Whereas my wife Martha Young has left my house without any reasonable cause and has taken up her abode in a house occupied by robert Stewart at this settlement, this is to caution him, as well as all others from harbourng or receiving the said Martha Young under pain of prosecution

5939 Young Robert - 1831 14 January Newcastle R v Young Hooper & Battie
Indicted for the murder of John Mason by strangling him with a rope at Newcastle gaol

5949 Young Robert - 1831 14 January Newcastle R v Young Hooper & Battie
Was a scourger for the gaol and came to flog John Mason

5959 Young Robert - 1831 14 January Newcastle R v Young Hooper & Battie
Found guilty of manslaughter. Sentenced to 10mths in prison

11269 Young Robert - 1844 13 April Maitland MM
Hired servant to David Patterson for 6 months . Indicted for stealing 2 shirts and other articles from Patterson. Not guilty.

16862 Young Robert - 1845 24 May Bolwarra MM
Accused Patrick Fogarty of stealing his coat

20395 Young Robert - 1846 7 March Maitland MM
To be tried at Maitland Circuit Court 11.3.46 for assault with intent

20600 Young Robert - 1846 14 March Dungog MM
Charged with assault with intent on Ann Ertherbrook

20603 Young Robert - 1846 14 March Dungog MM
Found guilty of common assault upon Ann Etherbrook

50671 Young Robert - 1849 17 January Nelson's Plains MM
Appointed to Presbyterian School Board

64666 Young Robert - 1830 28 September Newcastle SG
Removed from position of scourger in consequence of the verdict of a coroner's inquest being found against him

71224 Young Robert - 1819 Oct - Dec Newcastle Convict Settlement
Scourger employed at Newcastle settlement

81354 Young Robert - 1851 15 January Nelsons Plains MM
On Board of Presbyterian School

94161 Young Robert - 1852 1 September - MM
Claimed wages from William Allison for driving sheep from Cassilis to Jerrys Plains. Case dismissed by the bench as there was a dispute as to the manner the sheep had been cared for

109956 Young Robert - 1814 2 July Sydney SG
Private Robert Young and Ann Wilson found guilty of stealing 48 shirts belonging to the Crown. Both sentenced to stand twice in the pillory. First at Parramatta on 7th July and then at Sydney 15th July. Mary Bircham who co-habited with Young committed for trial for perjury

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